Weather Vane on Pall Mall.

Monday Look Back Week 15. 


This week is a little photo heavy, but I have been up to stuff for once so there are things to talk about.

Mainly this week I have not been drinking tea. At all. But more on that when I chat about the gym later on.

As you saw last week we are dark at the moment. It’s always very odd seeing the portico without any banners or advertising. We have the boards out for Breakfast at Tiffany’s but apart from that we are bare!

As well as my continuing gymming success I have got back on my lunchtime walkabouts when the weather is nice ( ie not raining). It gives me a chance to get out and snap a few photographs too, including this one that is just around the corner from work on top of a building on Pall Mall. It’s amazing what you walk past every day.

As I said last week I am still on it at the gym. I have a food plan which is manageable and not boring, and twice a month personal training sessions. If I could afford it they would be weekly but I have to save for Aus.

The main trauma ( apart from all the lunges during my PT on Wednesday) is the fact that I am not allowed to drink tea and I am only allowed one cup of coffee a day first thing. You should have seen my face when Juli told me. There should be a law against it.

I am coping though. I had the worlds worst headache on Thursday, which was due to a mixture of caffeine and sugar withdrawal, but I got through it and have had no cravings for anything actually. Which is brilliant.

Jealous of my gym wear? I know you are!

I worked another week of overtime this week so spent Friday chilling. Well, I still got up at silly o’clock to gym but then didn’t do much else for the rest of the day. I am really getting back into loving reading at the moment and have been doing quite a lot this new year, a mixture of travel literature and young adult novels. I have had to dig out the glasses as my eyes are not enjoying it so much.

During my lunch break on Saturday I met up with my friend Sandra and we popped over to BAFTA’s headquarters at 195 Picadilly for their For the Love of Film exhibition. Normally members only, every now and again they open their doors for free to the general public. I always head on over when I can.

For the Love of Film was exhibiting work by the photographer Phil Fisk. The work was specially commissioned by BAFTA to “celebrate the passion and craft that goes into creating a film.”

It was an exhibition of 25 photos ranging from photos of the amazing people behind the scenes to the actors themselves. Stunt performers and special effects artists to props from the films and the directors themselves.

Photo by Phil Fisk – Still Life- Gringotts Door From Harry Potter.


Photo by Phil Fisk – Still Life of a model from Harry Potter.

They are always small little intimate exhibitions but well worth spending the time in if you can. I keep an eye on the BAFTA website for their open weekends and would totally recommend them. You have to book a time slot but it is absolutely free.

Spending time at BAFTA made me even more excited about this years EE BAFTA Awards on February 14th. I have gone to these for the last 8 years standing at the barriers taking pictures of the people walking the red carpet. It’s cold, sometimes wet and full of some of the rudest people you will ever meet. BUT it is also full of some of the best people I have ever met and we always manage to have a good time, meet some brilliant actors and take some pictures.

One of the reasons I do this is because I want to practice my photography, get it seen and get whatever feedback I can. By taking photos of actors people like gets my pictures out there more than if it was just a landscape with a sheep. ( which I also do when I am home in Norfolk.) It’s basically just great *fun* practice!

Sometimes the pictures turn out alright.

Sometimes the subject is almost out of frame (and on the wonk).

Natalie Dormer at the 2015 BAFTA’s.

Sometimes you catch some amazing moments, such as when Emma Thompson launched herself across the red carpet at Bradley Cooper to give him the biggest hug!


Emma Thompson at the 2014 BAFTA’s.

The night normally starts out quite light, so the first few stars who turn up get nice clear crisp photos, but then it decends into chaos as the light falls and the blurr happens. I can’t use a flash – I refuse too, even if it would make my photos so much better. The actors are inches away and I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a flash go off that close to your face. Sometimes when the light gets too dodgy I resort to filming and screen grabbing later. That used to work with the Nikon 1, but this year I am going in with the Olympus OMD-EM10 and have no idea what it’s going to be like.

Head on over to my Instagram and you’ll see the results on February 14th.

If I don’t die of hypothermia.

( Age of Ultron Premier PostThe Hobbit – Battle of the Five Armies Premier Post )

I started Sunday with my one cup of black coffee. Sunday was the hardest day so far and I love to just curl up, drink tea and watch a film. But I was good. AND I did meal prep for the next few days…..

Who am I?

Today is grey and cloudy.  Coffee is most definitly needed.

❤ Amanda

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