Monday Look Back Week 16.

Good afternoon from a VERY blustery and wet London.

Today’s blog contains photography exhibitions about India – and MUCH wanderlust!

And this week is going to be super busy, what with the BAFTA awards on Sunday. If I don’t post next Monday it’s because I froze/drowned/got blown away *delete as applicable*

Bad Jews opens tonight for a quick six-week run. It’s nice to have people back in the theatre, even if it is a very small cast. I am looking forward to catching it at some point in the next few weeks. (after I have maxed out my Cineworld card catching up on all the films I’ve missed)

Isn’t our auditorium pretty…

On Tuesday I had the day off, still went to the gym mind you. ( I did five days last week and am dead)

In the evening I went to a photography exhibition at the Bermondsey Project Space. It was a showcase of work by the photographer Neil Buchan-Grant in collaboration with Olympus and Kuoni Travel. I had previously met him when I

I had previously met him when I ran away to the circus last summer with Olympus as he is a brand ambassador. So when I saw he had an exhibition on, I really wanted to see some of his work close up.

Kuoni run photography tours working with amateurs and professionals alike, where you can improve your photography whilst visiting some spectacular locations with a local guide and a professional photographer as your tutor. This particular trip took them to India, where they spent 14 days in stunning locations, meeting locals and having tuition along the way. It sounds like a dream trip for me and one I am considering saving up for in the future.

Neil shot with the Olympus OMD-EM1 and various lenses.

Copyright – Neil Buchan-Grant.

Copyright – Neil Buchan-Grant.


Copyright Neil Buchan-Grant.

The above pictures are some of my favourites from the exhibition, especially the one of the stray dog.

There was no way I could whip out my camera in this room of professionals to take some pictures of the event. Even though I have the “right” camera it would be glaringly obvious that I have no real expertise. It was just nice to be surrounded by all the different people, listening to what they had to say about each picture. Through them I learnt more about framing portraits and how to get the focus drawn to the right person in a crowd. These are little tidbits I can store and apply to my learning when the opportunity arises. The stories that came with the pictures were interesting, especially of following a stray dog around the Taj Mahal waiting for the right moments. I am a huge dog lover. This picture was already my favourite of the night, and this story just made it all real.

I enjoy photography exhibitions because it’s nice to get up close to large prints of work in person. You can get really close, almost till you are fogging up the glass. Doing this you notice so much more detail than you would just flipping through pictures in a magazine. The size of the picture makes it more real.
A comment that really stood out to me is that he said a lot of subjects don’t ‘strike a pose’ in that western way. They just stop what they are doing and you get a more natural shot. He also spoke about how he goes about approaching people. They seemed very willing. Or maybe they are used to being photographed.

Events like this always really encourage me to carry on learning with my photography, and it’s safe to say that it has done nothing for my extreme case of wanderlust.

The rest of the week consisted of gym-work-gym-work-gym-ACHE-work.

On Saturday we went out to celebrate my best friends little brothers 18th birthday.

He came down from Norfolk and in the afternoon we took him to tour the HMS Belfast that is docked just by Tower Bridge.


HMS Belfast- (not my photo, it was NOT that sunny!)


(The ammunitions room, a few shots on deck and Bex being Bex!)

It is a self-guided tour, and self-guided means you get lost all the time. But you really get a chance to get right into the belly of the ship and spend some time looking at the mechanics of it all. I can’t get over how many men would have been stationed on it, in such close quarters. We actually ran out of time exploring as it closed up at 5pm so we will definitely head back in the future with more time on our hands. I recommend it to adults and children alike – although be warned, there are A LOT of steep ladders and narrow spaces. Be ready for a thigh work out!

We finished off the evening with a meal at Joe Allans with some other friends who happened to be in town too, which was lovely to catch up. The birthday boy had “the best cheesecake he’s ever had – EVER!!” so a birthday success!
On sunday I went to the Destinations Holiday and Travel Show at Kensington Olympia. There have been a few travel shows over the last few weeks that I have missed due to work, but I was really passionate about attending this one due to it hosting the Stanfords Travel Writers Festival.

It was well worth hanging on for, and the festival was brilliant.


Sean Conway talking about wild swimming.


But you get a whole blog post about that tomorrow.

Right – it’s time to find my thermals! The weather forecast for BAFTA weekend is not looking good, and I do not have sufficient clothing for it at all.

It’s going to have to be layers. Lots and lots of layers. ( and a plastic bag or two to protect my Olympus OMD-EM10.)

Wish me luck!

-Amanda xx

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