A (Wait. It’s not Monday?)Look Back Week 19.

(Apparently it’s not Monday? Having a week off and then the Monday on top of it threw me completely! Yesterday really felt like Sunday.)

I spent most of last week in Norfolk, spending time with  family and friends. I was even lucky enough to get a blogging assignment whilst I was there from the lovely guys at Theatrebloggers.co.uk

Spent the day in Cromer on the Tuesday with my Mum. I took her out to lunch for an early Mother’s Day present, as I am never home for the big days. I had a hair cut and then we hit the charity shops. I got a couple of tops, including one that would have originally been round the £70-80 from Orvis, the shop near work that I look in every time I pass by.

Cromer is having a lot of work done down on the seafront pre summer season. It always takes a battering in the winter, and is actually still recovering from the storm surge of 2013. That doesn’t take away from the beauty of the place, its wide open beaches and little historic lanes. You really don’t appreciate it as a kid, but now I love heading there whenever I escape London.

Tuesday night was darts night. I always go out with my mum when I am down, and she plays on a pool team so often or not I’ll pop along with her. They were unsuccessful that night, but the team they were playing against were very funny.

Wednesday was a bit of a lazy morning. I was back at my dads so had a little lie in. Walked the dog and then walked to the local train station which is just over a mile away to catch the train to Norwich. As its a rural line, the trains don’t always stop there so I had to get a much earlier train than I would have normally, had it been a frequent service. But that did give me time to have a little explore of Norwich before grabbing a coffee and sitting down with the latest Katie Fforde book. (I am quite ready for the Katie Fforde-esq chapter of my life now please and thank you.)

I had a fab time at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival launch. It’s always a bit daunting turning up to events on your own, especially in a place like this where everyone knows each other. but a lovely lady from Corner Shop PR chatted with me for a bit before introducing me to another writer and her sister. We had a good natter about all things theatre before listening to all the delightful things that are happening at the NNF this May. If your interested head on over to my post here to read about just some of the productions happening.

Thursday was my one true day to do nothing. So I did. I wrote up the above post, watched awful TV, such as Baggage Wars and Pawn Stars and took the dog for a long walk. Well as long as she can do. She’s a bit of an old lady now, and while she still has her mad moments, on long walks her back legs can get a little shaky. But she’s still falling over in puddles and sticking her nose where she don’t belong like a typical Labrador.
Thursday night included board games. Rock and roll right?                                                           My little brother got this game for Christmas that you can’t play unless you have at least three players. His friends come over sometimes but he still doesn’t get to play it as much as he would like to. It’s called The Settlers of Catan and is actually quite a fun game. I always end up with way too many sheep.

On Friday I met up with my friends Laura and Kat. We ate way too much food, drank a few drinks and generally just put the world to right. We don’t see each other enough- but when we do, we chat for England.

It was lovely to see them and we’ll be catching up again soon when we go see Busted! Because yep we are still teenagers.

I spent the weekend in Stratford, writing up a few more blog posts, and exploring The Queen Elizabeth Park. I watched a few too many episodes of say yes to the dress and generally just chilled before heading back to the madness of work/gym/work/gym that is my life.

Oh. And I stayed up all night on Sunday to watch Leo finally win his Oscar. It was a really enjoyable ceremony actually. Even if there are WAY TOO MANY AD BREAKS.


The thing would be an hour shorter if they just cut out the ads.

Oh and Mark Rylance winning Best Supporting Actor! I cheered. Very loud. At 4am.
So that was my very chilled week. I got some time to take photographs. I got to hang out with my lovely family and friends.

Tomorrow I am up at 5.30 AM for Gym, um, fun?

Life returns to normal.

– Amanda.


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