A (Wait. It’s not Monday?)Look Back Week 19.

(Apparently it’s not Monday? Having a week off and then the Monday on top of it threw me completely! Yesterday really felt like Sunday.)

I spent most of last week in Norfolk, spending time with  family and friends. I was even lucky enough to get a blogging assignment whilst I was there from the lovely guys at Theatrebloggers.co.uk

Spent the day in Cromer on the Tuesday with my Mum. I took her out to lunch for an early Mother’s Day present, as I am never home for the big days. I had a hair cut and then we hit the charity shops. I got a couple of tops, including one that would have originally been round the £70-80 from Orvis, the shop near work that I look in every time I pass by.

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Family time in Paris….

As I said in my last post, whenever I am at Kings Cross St Pancras I really just want to hop on the Eurostar and go to Paris.  This year I actually got to do this.

My Dad, my brother and I got the train from Norwich early Monday morning ( with no delays unlike last time I went to Paris) and arrived in London at lunch time. We killed time in Kings Cross by having a really scrummy burger and fries, once we were able to check in we grabbed a coffee and waited to be able to board.

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A Wedding Trip To Nottingham.

Crossing town from Charing Cross to Kings Cross St Pancras sounds like an easy journey, but when you are in a rush lugging a huge suitcase and it’s the school holidays, it seems like a right battle. But battle across town I did, to catch the (delayed and overcrowded) 8.30 train to Nottingham. Going to Kings Cross always makes me want to hop on the Eurostar to France, but it wasn’t to be that day (but it was a few days later !!)

I was born in Nottingham and spend the first 10 years of my life growing up there and getting lost in fields before relocating to Norfolk in 1997. All my family still live in and around the area, and a family wedding was the reason for my trip up north. I figured that whilst I was heading that way, why not take a bit of time to explore places from my childhood.

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