Family time in Paris….

As I said in my last post, whenever I am at Kings Cross St Pancras I really just want to hop on the Eurostar and go to Paris.  This year I actually got to do this.

My Dad, my brother and I got the train from Norwich early Monday morning ( with no delays unlike last time I went to Paris) and arrived in London at lunch time. We killed time in Kings Cross by having a really scrummy burger and fries, once we were able to check in we grabbed a coffee and waited to be able to board.

The thing that always makes me chuckle about the actual trains is that the interiors are “futuristic” in that way that 80s films thought that we’d have hover boards and flying cars by 2010. The carriages could really do with a makeover, but hey, when you are only on them for 2 hours, it’s not the end of the world. Even if you are surrounded on all sides by the loudest French school group in the history of school groups.

Toblerone, Chocolate, Coffee, Eurostar,

It’s bad luck to travel overseas without a Toblerone don’t you know!

On arrival to Paris, we negotiated the Metro with varying degrees of success but made it to our AirbNb rental eventually.

This was the first time I had ever used AirbNb. I was charged with the challenge of finding our place to stay, which was quite scary, as was signing over our money to a random website. Whilst I know many people who have used this site and never had any issues, the place we found was perfect but didn’t have that many reviews. (It would also mean me sleeping on a sofa bed for the week, but for the location and price, it was PERFECT!)

I needn’t have worried – it all turned out brilliant!

Our cute little apartment overlooked the Seine and Notre Dame, and had a lovely little restaurant below.  Our family likes to sit and watch the world go by sometimes, so this was the perfect view!

Bedroom, Bed,

The main bedroom, with LOTs of storage space if you are the kind of traveller that unpacks!

The purple pin was our apartment!


Case and point – My dad watching the world go by from our kitchen window!

After being shown around the little flat, we went for a walk over the river to explore. We’d had an early start that day so didn’t have too much planned, just good food and a wander.

After a good walk and some yummy side street pizza, we headed back to Notre Dame to see the sunset and find out where tomorrow’s boat trip would start.

I pulled out the sofa bed, which turned out to be very comfortable and nodded off, ready for tomorrow’s escapades!

Stay tuned for boat fun and DISNEYLAND!


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