Crossing The Finish Line – Day Four of Walking the Norfolk Coast Path

I spent my last morning on the Curlew Walking Holiday really making the most of my incredible accommodation. As much as I would have loved to sleep in I didn’t. But I did relax my way through the morning, with some granola, apple juice and coffee. I wrote in the guest book and soaked up the atmosphere of the tent and the campsite. 

This trip has really given me something special.

It has made me realise just how capable I am. As a bigger girl I have always looked at adventures as being something only that fit people do. I have lost myself in books, devouring tales of other peoples journeys- dreaming I could but never doing so. 

This first step has been such confidence booster. I am proud of the fact that I completed it, and mentally it was exactly what I needed. The chance to switch off and zone out – to appreciate nature. (Whilst I am so lucky to be surrounded by nature at work, I know I don’t soak it in as much as I should.)

I know I wouldn’t have been able to carry my equpitmet yet. But this trip has made me realise that I can walk the walk  – I just need to carry the stuff.

But oh well. It just means that I will have to continue walking the coast with Gin and the team. Their trips are perfect for experienced walkers or first timers like me. People who “don’t camp” too. You can have as much or as little support as you want. But you will have all the comfort you need. 

But back to the walk.

The final day was a short and sweet 4 miles, from Beeston Regis to Cromer and the finish line. I have walked this walk before. In fact – it was this walk that inspired me to walk with MarGins in the first place. It is a stunning section of coastline no matter the weather  and my final day was slowly warming up.

Walking this familiar path was a lovely way to end this trip. It was nice and felt like I was heading home.

Heading across to West Runton ( the home of the Wooly Mammoth that I will talk about in a second) you join the cliff top path for a bird song filled mile. Sadly due to some incredible ( and yet terrifying) coastal erosion around East Runton you have to divert through the main seaside town before heading along the road into your final destination….. Cromer!

Apart from glancing at the guide in East Runton I followed the path I knew so well – and it lead me to Cromer Pier.

And the end… for now!

The temptation to just keep on going was huge! I am so happy that this was my first adventure, and the walking bug has definitely bit me. 

Whilst I was walking along the final stretch I actually saw the MarGins van drive past, so I knew my luggage had made it to its final destination – The Red Lion. I stopped for a coffee and a pastry at North Sea Coffee before shuffling up the steps to retrieve my bag.

I stopped in The Red Lion for another drink, and that turned into fish and chips. As I sat down to relax I got chatting to a couple of people who were interested in what I had just done. Once again they were so surprised that I was brave enough to walk this alone. Reflecting on this after the walk finished, the only thing this walk has done is encourage me more to get out on my own and explore. There was no point I felt unsafe, or unable to get in touch with anyone should I need to. Gin was always there to answer any questions with a quick reply so I know if anything had happened it would have been ok.

A Few Extra Things…

The final campsite has electricity to enable you to charge your devices ready for you trip home. I had an external battery that lasted me until the last campsite ( my phone was at 2% when I arrived) It was just one that I brought from work, but any multi charge pack should do. Unless you want to get away from technology, then this is perfect!

Other things that I had in my daypack included my notebook and pen, camera, raincoat, spare socks, and snacks. I had my little Star Wars Keep Cup and an insulated water bottle too. It was a small bag and very light. Being on my own the food that came in the tent was enough for me for dinner and breakfast, but there are so many other places you can stop along the way. The guide you receive on booking goes into detail of some of the places you might stop, as well as important things like toilets and cash machines.

Samphire on our last morning together…

One of the exciting things Gin let me know about on this walk is a new app that goes with the walk along the Deep History Coast.

North Norfolk’s Deep History Coast is the 22-mile stretch of coastline between Weybourne and Cart Gap which has revealed the most spectacular finds.  Happisburgh is the oldest archaeological site in northern Europe and West Runton yielded the most complete fossilised mammoth skeleton ever found in the UK. The exciting West Runton Mammoth find is the best-preserved elephant of its kind and ongoing excavations have also revealed the bones of rhinos, hyenas, wolves and bears.

The new app brings the past back to life before your very eyes! Let a hominin family take you on a tour, see the West Runton Steppe mammoth in its environment, play games and collect items for your virtual journal. Using augmented reality technology it really makes you feel like these people and creatures are around you. There are puzzles and trails all crammed into a really smooth app. I sat at West Runton and had a play with it, and will definitely keep it installed and come back to it again. It’ll be great for local people and holiday makers alike and I am excited to see what the team behind Deep History Coast have in store.

(There is a marathon coming in 2020 that I have in mind for a friend of mine *cough*Nancy*cough*)

Whats Next…

Well as I mentioned before, I definitely have the bug.

This entire trip was so well organised and delivered that I would not hesitate booking another walk or two with MarGins. In fact I plan on finishing the Norfolk Coast Path next year, when the sandscaping work at Bacton is complete.

And getting my friends to come up and go on a Glamping weekend with me!

If you like the sound of what you have just read, or fancy a bit of Glamping up on the Norfolk Coast definitely look at MarGins – head on over to for a browse. As well as the walking packages on offer they can really work with you to get you out on your perfect Norfolk break!

Massive thank you’s to Gin, Mark and Brylie for making my summer holiday the perfect escape!

See you soon for more adventures!




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