Finding The One

Everyone searches for the one.

I’ve been searching for the last few years now.

I thought I had found the one in Merlin. I met him stuck in a muddy field when I moved back to Norfolk in 2016. I fell in love instantly.

Born in 1987 like me, he was a little quirky and needed some love. But sadly it wasn’t meant to be. He was perfect for now, but not for the long term.

So I continued my search.

A little backstory into my sudden Vanlife fascination…

It’s really not so sudden. It’s been something I have been interested in for years, reading books, watching YouTube. But due to living in London, working all the time, saving for (admittedly amazing) holidays and just general – oh I can’t do that – I need to save and buy a house ect – I have never really talked about it, as I never actually thought I would pluck up the courage to do it.

But 2018 has been the year of change! I no longer work in theatre, I have decent DAY job with holiday, lots of volunteering opportunities and fab career prospects. I have spare time to do things. And I have basically come to the conclusion that I don’t want to be saving for the next few years to buy a house that I am then tied too. That is not me.

I have had wanderlust ever since I can remember – and there is no cure.

Apparently 2018 is the year of “fuck it – just do it!”

So where were we…

I spent a lot of time looking at van conversions on YouTube, trying to figure out if this was the route to go. I have no DIY experience to talk of, but neither did these people who were turning simple panel vans into tiny homes on wheels. I watched videos about wiring, solar panels, woodwork and how to fight rust. SEE- the amazing INDIE PROJECTS. But the realist in me ( yes, honestly there is one) came to the conclusion that no matter how much enthusiasm I had for the project it would cost A LOT more than I could plan for.

And so I continued my search for a quirky Campervan.

Apart from the fact that newer camper-vans cost the same as a small house deposit, I am not a huge fan of them. I much prefer the character of older campers. Baring that in mind I returned to the place I found Merlin, and had a look around other vehicles.

He was still there, he’d even had a wash. But it was still not meant to be.

Merlin all clean and out of his field.

Another of the many smaller campervans I considered – similar to Florence of Florence and the Morgans.

I even went down the classic VW Campervan route – with an amazing T25 beast that belongs to one of my neighbours. He was mechanically sound but a complete blank canvas inside for me to do what ever I wanted to do. He was also ready for a coat of paint, meaning I could have whatever colour Campervan I wanted. ( see I think about the serious things)

It was during my doing research about T25’s that Alice came into my life.

Alice is a 1979 Toyota Hiace with a Campervan conversion – technically called a Newlander, and I have never seen anything quite like her. According to her previous owner, there are only four of them in Europe!

I went to see her on the Wednesday and the following Monday she was on my driveway. She has my dad’s seal of approval mechanically, is MOT’d till next year and is ready to go……

When I pass my driving test.

So that, ladies and gentlemen – is the direction in which this blog is now going. There will still be lots of theatre related fun, but once I have passed my test I shall no longer be a travel and adventure procrastinator – I shall be out there in the world!!

In my next blog I shall give you the Grand Tour of my little camper! She’s like a yellow Tardis!



Ps why not head on over to my instagram, I will be sharing a lot more on there now!

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