Monday Look Back – Christmas Edition. 

Monday. Is it Monday? Nope – Bugger it’s Tuesday. Lets just pretend right? At Christmas it’s so easy to lose track of what day it is.

I am back in London and at work like Christmas never happened.

My 5 days in Norfolk Land were not enough that’s for sure. If only there were theatre jobs going Norfolk, then I’d be back to the fields in a heartbeat.

Last week mainly consisted of cuddling various animals, eating A LOT of food, seeing some friends and watching a lot of TV. That’s what Christmas is in our house.

I caught the train home late Tuesday night after work and pretty much went to bed as soon as I got home. I say bed. At the moment I don’t have a bed at my Dads house. I do have a rather comfortable sofa in the music room though so when I am home I take it over.

Wednesday morning dawned way too early for my first day off but me and my brother were off to Mums to do some last minute shopping in Wroxham.

Whilst at mums I got to have some cuddles with this scruffbag who has been through the ringer recently. He has a severe form of some kind of dermatitis and his skin keeps splitting 😦 He’s usually such a beautiful fluffy thing but right now HATES the cone of shame and just wants to go outside.

Successful shopping and a cheeky McDonalds later and I was dropped off at Dads work so me and him could go off on one last food shop. When I was waiting I made a new friend!

And when I got home I got to cuddle with an old friend. Our smelly old black Labrador called Star.

The cat, on the other hand, was more interested in sleeping in the room she’s not normally allowed in. She did like me later on in the week when I gave her some turkey!

Christmas Eve was a rather beautiful full moon.

Whenever I am home I love going out for a walk and just taking in the peace and quiet of the countryside after London. I don’t get back as often as I would like so something has always changed, someone has new chickens or there is different livestock in a field. But it’s always beautiful, muddy and quiet.

I think we were spotted.

On Christmas Eve I finished wrapping up the last few gifts and listened to some festive music. EVERY playlist had Cliff Richard on them so my phone was nearby for immediate skipping purposes.

Cliff is never welcome.

The rest of Christmas Eve was spent with old friends playing cards and drinking wine, a tradition that goes back quite a few years now. We had a right laugh and I lost dramatically at ALL the games. Midnight passed and we all went our own ways, walking through a freezing and windy deserted town to stay at my Mums, who would then drive us both to Dads for Christmas morning.

Gammon on toast and a mug of coffee in hand, we all opened presents. My brother got the Xbox games he wanted as well as lots of comic book stuff. Dad got his Adele tickets and mum got her shoes. I got some things related to the Big Australia Trip in 2017, as well as a new brand of gin that I haven’t tried yet. Our neighbours came round, more tea was had and then we got to cooking the roast.

The rest of Christmas Day was spent lounging, reading and watching TV, including a lovely episode of Doctor Who and the last ever Downton Abbey – which I am pretty sure my dad slept all the way through.

Boxing day was mainly just more walking, more food and more TV, this time, Dickensian and a rather sad Peter and Wendy. I made the decision to watch that over the Agatha Christie thing as ITV player is awful so I’d rather watch Iplayer in a few days time.

Boxing Day was a bit gloomy.


Sunday came around far too quickly and before I knew it I was on a train headed for London. A train that terminated at Colchester and was rail replacement bus service to London. (I knew about this. I was ready.)



At least it would have been if they actually sent the bus. Over 50 of us sat outside Colchester train station at 10pm at night and waited for nearly two hours for a bus to come and get us. National Rail knew nothing, just kept telling us that one was due, which it was, it just never arrived. EVENTUALLY one turned up just before midnight and I arrived at London Liverpool street at 2am! After that it was a night bus adventure across London where I finally got home just after 3.30. I should have been home at midnight! I set my alarm for 7am and practically passed out.

Not the best end to a Christmas week but hey ho, at least I got home for it and was lucky enough to spend it with my family.


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