I should be doing a big what I have been up to post but…

… I am rather busy at the moment.

Social Life..
(Whoops ignore the last one lol.)
But tonight I am having one of those epic 12 year old girl crisis moments.
I do not want to see Benedict Cumberbatch naked.
See how pathetic that crisis moment is?!?
Now I go to the theatre a lot, I have seen shows with naked people in. I am in no way a prude.
But for some reason this bothers me.
And I am trying to figure out why, so I thought I’d blog it.
I think it’s partly due to the fact that I really want to see him as The Creature – I think he is a fantastic actor, I really do.
But the spanner in the works is that I find him RIDICULOUSLY attractive.
And there for do not want to see him sans clothes.
Because no matter how epic the scene, I think it will distract me. And I really want to appreciate how good he IS.
Would anyone else have this dilemma?
Or am I being childish?
(it is one of the reasons I didn’t go and see Eqqus, Because no matter how good Daniel Radcliffe was – it would always be Harry Potter naked and that would detract from the show for me)
Answers on a post card- or a comment.
Hang on – does anyone actually read this? The answering would be problematic lol.
Oh well.
I shall go and think about this far too much and analyse just how weird it is….

2 thoughts on “I should be doing a big what I have been up to post but…

  1. Victoria Wren says:

    Believe me, if anyone understands the complications of naked men onstage, it's me. (15 of 'em teching the naked right now.) So from a professional's perspective – this makes perfect sense.

    It is difficult enough to really invest in the performance of someone you're that attracted to, anyway. Their very presence distracts. (Example: I had to watch Hamlet about a bazillion times before DT didn't make my mind wander.) So add nudity to that and you might just miss the whole play.

    It's why I'm so glad the one guy in my Naked Lads Show that I have a supersize crush on, is also the one guy who *doesn't* get naked. I couldn't handle it.

  2. Amanda Leigh says:

    If there was a like option I would.
    I saw both versions Tuesday and Wednesday and it was so well done that I didn't really fixate on *it* lol. Sure I appreciated it for, like, a second or two, but both performers were SO good that I got sucked strait into the action rather than drooling like a couple of girls in front of me where.

    I knew you'd get me though!

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