Procrastination, Stage Door and the moments in between…

This week I have mostly been spending my time here.In the smallest box in the world.

On Tuesday I had an 11 hour shift and today I have a 5 hour one.

I enjoy this job but the issue is that when I am here I have lots of time to think. I get to smile and say hello to the lovely cast, and talk to people on the phone, but on the whole that takes up about 2 hours at the most, and the rest of the time my mind is all over the place.
The last time I had a ridiculously long shift I had an essay due in a few days after. I have a presentation due in on Monday but I just can’t seem to settle into it. It will be fine on the Monday, It will get done, but once again it will be a last minuet dash to the finish line.
This is where I fail as a student. (and also why stage door is bad for me, giving me time to think) I just don’t want to be a student. I understand that I need a degree, and that to do that I need to go to university. I love learning, I love the people I am at Uni with, I just wish it didn’t take three years. If I could cram it all into 2 years and then be done with it, I would be so happy.
This summer is also tormenting me. I have nearly 4 months off this summer and I don’t know what to do with them. I would love to be able to stay in London, have a proper summer, and get to go to Hyde Park at the weekends ect. I also really want to travel too. But that would mean giving up my job, and losing the stage door shifts I get.
That said I could move all my stuff back to my fathers house, and just go somewhere, and not have to worry for the summer.
Ahhh, someone should just make up my mind for me.
Sorry for the rambling.
At least my posts are getting a tad less materialistic, and more about actual things.

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