I spent FAR too much money today….


When I get annoyed with certain aspects of my life, I need to do something, and that something is usually spend money. I very rarely get this annoyed.

I like to think of myself as one of those people who just gets on with it, and very rarely reacts to things.

This week has just been pants from day one.

Monday I had the rudest lady in the world in the Grand Circle at work. Customers are normally nice at the start of the week.

She was not.

Tuesday was actually quite lovely.

Wednesday is a double show day. Nuff said.

Today was a prime example of one of those days when I get so wound up that my bank account is in danger.

So shopping I went.

I have been randomly wondering the Alice in Wonderland room at Selfridges since it popped up a few weeks ago. I have been eyeing this necklace the whole time.

The utter pants-ness of today made me buy it.
And it is rather pretty.
And it made me happy.

Whilst there I also got these. OPI is usually really expensive, and I managed to get these 4 mini’s for the price of one bottle so the bargain hunter in me was satisfied.

I got some clothes also, but thats for my holiday, which is coming around so fast – and I am so Freaking excited!!!

So obviously the answer to todays riddle is that I shouldn’t get annoyed.

Even when it does end up with me owning pretty things, It cannot be good for me.

It’s not a blogging issue, the thing that annoyed me, as blogs have ears, but rest assured, if anyone is reading this, it was no one I saw today that got me in this state.
One day I will post a blog with deep, meaningful and smart anecdotes. Today is not one of those days.
Apologies for the materialistic blog.
Hopefully on Friday I will be functioning normally.


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