January and February….

I went to the National Television Awards with some of the DT girls. It was a hoot! We clapped and cheered along with the best of them. When Stephen Fry won his award it was the perfect end to an amazing night!

I Got my bag. The first unattainable thing I really wanted, and actually managed to get.

I still work at the Noel Coward. We now have Enron, and lots of rude customers.

I went to Paris. On my own. It was amazing and really does deserve a post entirely of it’s own, which I may get round to doing one day.
Obviously I went to the Opera House, and fell in love all over again.

It snowed.
A lot.

University seems to be going well. I somehow managed to pass all my exams and coursework and am now well into the next term.
Also this time around I have made friends with some truly lovely people, who I hope will be in my life long after university is over.
I like the feel of Southbank so much more. I think I was ready for Uni this time. Lets hope I stick it out.

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