B is for…..


I have a lot of them.

Sadly that room is not mine. It belongs to Neil Gaiman, who is one of my favourite authors. If I manage to have a room half that size by the time I am 60 I will die a happy woman.
That said, if I carry on the way I have for the past few years I could very well catch up.
I read a lot. And I tend to re-read a lot of books too, which my parents don’t understand.
“but you already know what happens”
“yes, but I may have missed a bit.”
So I have a real problem throwing books away… no, sorry giving them away, throwing books away would be like giving up my first born.
I am packing for the return to Norfolk at the moment, and I think I have more books than anything else.
This summer I am going to try and re-read a lot of what I have at home. Thats not to say that I won’t be buying any new ones – there is a new Artemis Fowl book among others which I am going to HAVE to read.

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