A fresh start in September…

The 1st of a month seems like a good date to start something new- so let’s start blogging again.

I can’t believe its September. Where on earth did August go. Porgy and Bess flew by, we’re into To Kill A Mockingbird.

Then unemployment looms.

I’ve got six interviews to week, all for jobs I want, in areas I am passionate about.  I’m under no illusion that I’ll get them all, but I’m dreading having to make a choice between two.  I had to do that for the job I’m in now,  and even though this one was a temp contract and the other permanent, I picked this one and I am so glad I did.  I’ve spent the summer outside, rain or shine ( luckily mainly shine- I’m rocking a farmers tan right now) and I’ve made some lovely friends.  If I can ( and if they want me) I’ll be back next summer!

But for now- big changes are on the horizon, which seems like a perfect time to start this up again.

So short but sweet for now!

Much love- A

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