Festive Movies – Blogmas Day 1.

I am attempting Blogmas. I don’t know how long this will last, nor will all my posts be festive ones. But there will BE posts. Posts I hope will be interesting. ( how many times can I sat posts)

I thought I’d kick this thing off writing about something I am comfortable with.

Films. Festive themed films to be exact.

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Films of 2010….

This is the blog post in which you discover that I have no taste in films what so ever, and can be extremely shallow about men when I want to be.

Rest assured anything Twilight related will not be mentioned after this point – I do have some taste….
(And Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One is a given, and so I thought I would mention some other films I have enjoyed this year instead.)

SO, In no particular order, (because I would reaaaaaly need to think to decide what was my favourite) here are my top five films of 2010.
IRON MAN 2. (Told you, NO taste)

Honestly, I rather loved this film.

Yes I know, my love for RDJ may have made me slightly bias, but hey, Mickey Rourke is pretty damn awesome, and lets not get me started on Sam Rockwell.

The story was basically a precursor to the Avengers film, and it was cheesy as hell in some parts, but it was fun! Things exploded, people flew, there was a russian bad guy, oh and it had RDJ in it. *ducks and cowers* Sorry.
The only downside – ScarJo scares me. I don’t get how someone can be so perfect. She makes me angry for all of womankind!

Finally! A film that men and women can go and see together and both enjoy. Men for the awesomeness that is The A Team, and women, for Bradley Cooper sans top (even though I secretly preferred Sharlto Copley)

Shallowness aside, It was nice to see something revamped that actually worked. I watched the TV series when I was younger, and this film just kept the spirit of it. And the person who decided Liam Neeson should be Hannibal deserves an award.
It looked like the whole cast were having so much fun shooting this, which really came across during the film.
The only downside – I kept expecting Patrick Wilson to sing “all I ask of you“. Musical theatre stars in films messes with my mind a bit.


This film broke my mind.

I loved it!
When I watched it in the cinema I got so sucked in that when it finished it was like – “what day is it“. I love it when films do that, and for the next few days I was constantly thinking about if it was all a dream or not. Then I decided to leave it alone, and just enjoy it, which I did.
The people that did this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2yD4yDsiP4 – are fantastic, as every now and again all I have in my head is BUUUUUUUM!
And Joseph Gordon-Levitt is beautiful in a suit! (sorry I have to be shallow about someone in each film and this time it is him.)


Any film in which I actually enjoy Nicolas Cage deserves a mention.

This film was HILARIOUS. Jane Goldman is a fantastic writer, (and I am really excited about the new Xmen film).
I laughed out loud many times – which was embarrassing as I was at the cinema on my own. But it introduced the world to some brilliant actors who will be big in 2011!
See – No shallowness in this film.


The casting was PERFECT in this film. Helen Mirren with a shotgun and yet still as glamourous as ever. I love John Malkovitch, and he will now live on in my mind as wearing a dress and pigtails.

Yet again another laugh out loud film, but I had company this time. But the plot was also good, not too trashy. Bruce Willis’s films have leaned towards the ridiculous recently but this put him back up there.
And Karl Urban…. MMMMMMMMM!

There – ended the blog on a shallow note – Did you expect any better?

Much Love!