I Need To Learn To Cook-Blogmas Day 10.

We are 10 days into Blogmas now and it’s time to start looking at New Years Resolutions. (yey?!?)

No beating about the bush here, every year I always make some and I very rarely actually carry any of them through. I do make a good effort, but there are no success stories so far.

Maybe this is the year?

Over the next few weeks I shall be letting you know what my resolutions are for 2016. Maybe putting them out on the internet will motivate me to do them. Maybe.

So what is my first resolution…..

Cook More Food.jpg

I CAN cook. Kind of.

I don’t enjoy it that’s my problem. That and it takes too long. But I need to suck it up and get on with it.

As you will see from future NY Resolution posts,  I REALLY need to cut back on unnecessary spending over the next couple of years. Take-aways and lunch hour snacks are a big problem. If I cook good meals at home I can bring in leftovers and not buy disappointing sandwiches.

For this, youtube and the library are going to be my friend. Cookbooks are so expensive, so I shall be borrowing them from my local library. It’s time I joined after all.

That and channels on youtube such as Sorted Food and Jamie Oliver’s will help as I will be able to see how things are done instead of just reading them in a book.

All of this will also help me with my healthy eating, which comes and goes as it pleases.

But, I’m not gonna lie – if I am cooking, I am totally making a cake or two.

Have you thought about any resolutions yet? Do you do them?

Any success stories?

Love Amanda xx


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