Monday Look Back – Week 14.

What happened this week?

I worked. A lot.

And when I wasn’t working I was at the gym. I have signed up for a personal trainer. I did my stats. I have a plan. This is getting WAY too serious.

Despite the awful weather we have been having recently the flowers in the close are having a good go at blooming, just a tad early.

We have also had some really stunning sunrises over the last week. I know this because I have been at the gym at 6am. When it is still dark.

Some people take selfies at the gym – I take pictures of the sunrise.

On Friday The Hunchback Of Notre Dame studio cast recording was released. This is my favourite musical. I fell in love with it back in the early 2000’s when the German cast recording was released. Disney staged it in Germany for a few years and that was it. There are brief clips of this show on youtube but other than that I have just had to make do with the beautiful animation.

In 2013 there was a rumour that there was going to be a production in the US, hopefully leading to broadway. It had two runs, once in San Diego at the La Jolla Playhouse before moving across the country to the Papermill Playhouse in New Jersey. Both were sell-out productions with brilliant reviews, but it never made it to Broadway. There was, however, huge demand for an English language cast recording. I mean come on, if we weren’t going to get it on stage for more people to see, we could at least listen to Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz’s beautiful score whenever we pleased.

We were very lucky to get this, especially with the full original cast and a huge orchestra and choir. It’s a beautiful soundtrack that makes me a little (ok – A LOT) upset that I won’t get to see this. My physical CD is on the way so for now I have had it on Spotify on repeat. I recommend if you get a chance that you go over and have a listen. Especially if you are a fan of Wicked.

My favourite tracks are 13) Hellfire and 14) Esmeralda then 22) Made of Stone and 23) Finale. (Although never skip the Entr’acte – a stunning choral section showing off the talents of the ensemble!)

But please- just listen to all of it! Maybe the more people listen to it there is a smidgen of a chance we could get it in London. (If I win Euromillions I am on it!)
After work on Saturday we went out for a friends 40th birthday celebration at Strawberry Moons. Dancing happened, a lot to cheesy 80’s music and a little to more recent club music. We drank Long Island Ice Tea pitchers and had a good time. A sign of a good night is when you have either taken a gazillion pictures with friends, or none because you were having too good a time. Not many were taken this night. And a big lie-in happened on the Sunday.

Today is get out day for Mr Foote’s Other Leg. The theatre is full of people, all doors are open and everything is being loaded into the big blue truck of doom.

We are dark till February 8th, whilst the theatre is getting a little bit of TLC. Then we re-open with a transfer of the sell out show Bad Jews. 

These posts are pretty basic at the moment. Now I am off the overtime (boo) I might actually get out more. And a gym post is imminent too 😛

So I shall be seeing you soon!


Where Are All The Female Explorers?


Like any person with a love of travel, I don’t get to travel even half as much as I wish I could. Reality. Bills. Being a grown up sucks.

I have ideas. Such ideas and plans I wish I could go and carry out, to walk in others footsteps and to create new footsteps for others to follow. But as a woman, the one thing that truly holds me back is safety. I’m not scared of the weather, of the food, or of roughing it for weeks. Even if money became no object tomorrow and I could up and go wherever I want, I would still have reservations.

Reservations that a man in the same position wouldn’t even have to think twice about. So what brought this on?

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Monday Look Back – Christmas Edition. 

Monday. Is it Monday? Nope – Bugger it’s Tuesday. Lets just pretend right? At Christmas it’s so easy to lose track of what day it is.

I am back in London and at work like Christmas never happened.

My 5 days in Norfolk Land were not enough that’s for sure. If only there were theatre jobs going Norfolk, then I’d be back to the fields in a heartbeat.

Last week mainly consisted of cuddling various animals, eating A LOT of food, seeing some friends and watching a lot of TV. That’s what Christmas is in our house.

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Monday Lookback – Blogmas Day 21.

Blogmas went well.
I got up to the middle of last week, then I was SO busy that I just couldn’t.
But at least I tried.
Well, what happened last week?
Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens happened. No seriously, my entire week pretty much revolved around that film. Meeting the stars, Watching the film, talking about the film, watching it again, listening to the score…
I am going to do a full post about the premiere in a few more days. I want to talk about the film so I am giving people as much time to see it as I can so I don’t spoil it for them.
But safe to say  I loved it. It was everything I wanted and more.

A VERY excited Mark Hamill!

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A Monday Lookback Week 8 – Blogmas Day 14.

Last week was both uneventful and super eventful at the same time. The days I did nothing, I TRULY did nothing, just work. But on my busy days I was very busy.

On Monday I hit the Post Office festive queue to get my mail out before all the deadlines start hitting.I had some cards going out all over the world and parcel on the way to Italy.

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to win a competition for two tickets to The Danish Girl Premiere in Leicester Square. I wrote a full post about it HERE – feel free to have a read.

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A Monday Look Back – Week 6.

At the beginning of this week I was still suffering ( and still am a little) from whatever bug it was that caught me last week. Whilst I don’t feel ill anymore, I am still sleeping way more than usual and I am not actually hungry – I just eat because I know I should.


The week started with a tradition that I have had since 2002, when The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition was released.

I discovered Middle Earth when I read The Hobbit at around 9/10 years old. But I truly fell in love with it when I watched Peter Jacksons film in 2001. As soon as I left the cinema I got my parents to buy me the books and read them all over the space of a week. I couldn’t wait to till the following two Christmases to find out what happened to the characters.

My bedroom walls were covered in posters – many of which I still have today rolled up in a tube somewhere.

It was my first foray into movie fandom, and I went head first!

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