Monday Look Back Week 12.


I am back with a Monday Look Back after last weeks rant post – “Where are all the female explorers?” If you missed it please click and read- as it’s a subject I am starting to get more and more passionate about.

This week has been a bits and bobs week. My gym opened again after it’s refurbishment and I nearly died my first class back. 6am Monday morning I dragged myself to a class called OMNIA 8- which is apparently functional training. I am not kidding you when I say I had to pause halfway through the class as I honestly thought I was going to throw up. After that I got a quick crash course in how to use the new equipment before heading off to work. By 2pm I was aching and continued to ache for pretty much the rest of the week.

Tuesday I spent a lot of the day reading Levison Wood’s Walking the Himalayas. I think there is one episode of the TV show left so I have paused just before the end of the book so I can watch the end of the journey.

On Wednesday I was off work but still decided to get up and have another go at that OMNIA 8 class at 6am. This time there was no fear of vomiting. It was still very hard though. But good for me supposedly. I fought through the ache and did the class and my workout after before heading home for scrambles eggs and doggy cuddles!

I didn’t gym on Thursday, my none existent muscles needed to recover. I did however, manage to send out 2016’s first batch of Postcrossing cards, of which some have already arrived at their destination.

Friday happened. Another day off where I decided to be good and still get up for the gym. This time it was a 6.15 spin followed by an OMNIA 8 class, except there wasn’t 8 people – just me. I suppose I should look at it as a free personal training session, but at the time it was agony.

For the rest of the day I went for a bit of a wander around Central London. I had some gift cards that I needed to spend and wanted to poke around the homeware sales. It was nice to just meander about Oxford Street just looking (at things I can’t afford). I did purchase the Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser after spending about half an hour chatting to one of the beauty consultants in Selfridges. She was lovely, extremely helpful and I trusted her opinion as she was not affiliated to one brand and gave me multiple options! I can already feel a difference in my skin after only a few days.

Friday night we broke this bad boy out. At the moment we are going through a rum phase. I believe this is partly due to our trip to the Florida Keys last september where we drank a lot of it. This time, I bought Kraken Black Spiced Rum –  it’s delicious and won’t last long that’s for sure. Any recomendations guys?

Any recommendations guys?

Although I was working Saturday day time I managed to get to finally see the show that we have on – “Mr Foote’s Other Leg” with the ladies. A Georgian comedy about a previous tenant of The Theatre Royal Haymarket, starring Simon Russel Beale, Dervla Kirwen and Joseph Milson. Based on the biography written by Ian Kelly ( who wrote the play and stars as Prince George in it too) it is both hilarious and also tragic. You really feel for the characters and if you know anything about theatre, there are a lot of in-jokes too.

If you can get down to see it before it closes on January 23rd I really do recommend it!

Sunday consisted of more gym! I know. Gym on a Sunday!?! . But it was an open weekend and the housemates wanted to sign up and give it a go. I find this both really funny and yet quite cool, they were always so against the gym but have now decided to give it a go. They will no doubt be like me, hate it but go because it’s good for you. None of us will ever go for fun, but we might do a house spin class once in a while.

Today London is dark and gloomy, reflecting the mood of so many people. We all woke up this morning to discover that David Bowie has passed away. He was a massive part of my childhood and I love his music. He has most definitely left a huge footprint on planet earth and I doubt there will be a generation that will not love his music.

Until next time –

Amanda xxx


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