Monday Look Back – Week 14.

What happened this week?

I worked. A lot.

And when I wasn’t working I was at the gym. I have signed up for a personal trainer. I did my stats. I have a plan. This is getting WAY too serious.

Despite the awful weather we have been having recently the flowers in the close are having a good go at blooming, just a tad early.

We have also had some really stunning sunrises over the last week. I know this because I have been at the gym at 6am. When it is still dark.

Some people take selfies at the gym – I take pictures of the sunrise.

On Friday The Hunchback Of Notre Dame studio cast recording was released. This is my favourite musical. I fell in love with it back in the early 2000’s when the German cast recording was released. Disney staged it in Germany for a few years and that was it. There are brief clips of this show on youtube but other than that I have just had to make do with the beautiful animation.

In 2013 there was a rumour that there was going to be a production in the US, hopefully leading to broadway. It had two runs, once in San Diego at the La Jolla Playhouse before moving across the country to the Papermill Playhouse in New Jersey. Both were sell-out productions with brilliant reviews, but it never made it to Broadway. There was, however, huge demand for an English language cast recording. I mean come on, if we weren’t going to get it on stage for more people to see, we could at least listen to Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz’s beautiful score whenever we pleased.

We were very lucky to get this, especially with the full original cast and a huge orchestra and choir. It’s a beautiful soundtrack that makes me a little (ok – A LOT) upset that I won’t get to see this. My physical CD is on the way so for now I have had it on Spotify on repeat. I recommend if you get a chance that you go over and have a listen. Especially if you are a fan of Wicked.

My favourite tracks are 13) Hellfire and 14) Esmeralda then 22) Made of Stone and 23) Finale. (Although never skip the Entr’acte – a stunning choral section showing off the talents of the ensemble!)

But please- just listen to all of it! Maybe the more people listen to it there is a smidgen of a chance we could get it in London. (If I win Euromillions I am on it!)
After work on Saturday we went out for a friends 40th birthday celebration at Strawberry Moons. Dancing happened, a lot to cheesy 80’s music and a little to more recent club music. We drank Long Island Ice Tea pitchers and had a good time. A sign of a good night is when you have either taken a gazillion pictures with friends, or none because you were having too good a time. Not many were taken this night. And a big lie-in happened on the Sunday.

Today is get out day for Mr Foote’s Other Leg. The theatre is full of people, all doors are open and everything is being loaded into the big blue truck of doom.

We are dark till February 8th, whilst the theatre is getting a little bit of TLC. Then we re-open with a transfer of the sell out show Bad Jews. 

These posts are pretty basic at the moment. Now I am off the overtime (boo) I might actually get out more. And a gym post is imminent too 😛

So I shall be seeing you soon!


Being a Lunchtime Tourist.

Last week I got a Fitbit, and it’s sort of changed my lunch breaks for the good! Whilst I am going to do a post on my Fitbit in a month or so when I can really see what I have achieved, I thought I would write a little on the things I have discovered whilst walking more around London.

I work right next to St James Park, but never take much advantage of it. Whilst on weekends and in school breaks it can be quite hellish to navigate, between the hours of 2-3 it can be quite nice to have a stroll around. You can often hear the echos of the Changing of the Guard as the band are walking back to barracks. Last week there was the WI Centenary Event at Buckingham Palace, so there were a lot of very well dressed ladies holding on to their hats, clearly excited about their trip. It’s always an ever changing atmosphere that can make the same walk each day different.

Daisy. Giant Daisy

Shasta daisies are my fave!

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Getting Personal…

I have decided that on the last Friday of every month I will do a weigh in of sorts. I figure if I have something to show off about I should, and (in theory) it should motivate me even more as you guys will be out there seeing the results, not just me.

I weigh myself most mornings both to see how I am doing, and to remind myself that weight fluctuates for no apparent reason and that we are all human. Seeing the scales go down 3 lbs one day and then back up 2 the next reminds me that it is not MY fault this has happened, and that it is my body doing whatever the hell it wants. ( As long as I haven’t had a huge junk food party the day before – then I know it’s me)

As long as it is slowly but surely going down that’s all that matters.

So this morning, before my 6.45 am spinning class (YAAWN) I hopped on the scales – 84.6 kg. ( Or 186.5 lbs/13.5 stone)

When I had my fitness check on the 17th of February I was at 86.6 kg ( or 191/13.9 stone)  So in 10 days I have lost pretty much 2 kg exactly. Because of my little adventure into the gym last summer I know that this won’t last, and that it’s not realistic to think I am going to keep loosing weight at this speed. It’s mainly my body freaking out and getting used to this new routine.

But it’s nice to see that it works. And that’s with me enjoying food and going out for drinks with my friends.

I already dislike the gym, I don’t want to make myself miserable by denying myself food and fun.

I am getting used to the early starts now. My stomach muscles are getting used to the classes, today it’s my arms that don’t agree with me. You want me to get something down from the shelf?

Good luck!

I find that by planning my gym a week ahead, highlighted and  with little tick boxes to check off, I go. This is also partly because I don’t like my Filofax having crosses in it, just big ticks when I have done what I said I would do 🙂 I know – SAD!

Spinning on Mondays and Fridays, with whatever early morning classes are on during the week plus 30 mins cardio. Weekends are for resting, or if I am feeling extra adventurous – an hour long spinning class on a Saturday.

So there – even more personal information of mine is out there on the internet for the world to see. I better work on it and make a difference.

See ya next time!


All Aboard The Torture Train…

I have sorted my life out and re-joined the gym.

At 6 am this morning my alarm went off, I dragged myself out of bed and shuffled down the road to my friendly neighbourhood gym for a Spinning Class.

It’s my first spinning class since November, and it’s going to knock me for six I can tell. Sitting at work now I can already feel my legs starting to complain. Give it a few hours and the tricep dips that I did this morning will kick in too no doubt. During the circuits class I genuinely thought I might throw up. In retrospect, I may have started with a bit too much. Whoops.

But it’s good for me (obviously) and I know it worked as the three months I did over the summer helped me to drop two stone.

Since my membership ran out in November I have been in two minds as to which gym to join. Do I go to one near my work and go before, on my lunch or after. Or do I stick with The Zone near where I live, and just get up at silly o’clock during the week. I even thought about getting some equipment for home. I soon scrapped that idea mind you – I know I would never use it and it would become a clothes hanger.

In the end it was mainly money that won out. The gym membership prices in Central London blow my mind. Even a 45 minuet spinning class can cost £25. Per Class. It’s absurd.

That’s not to say my local gym is cheap. But its much more personal, not part of a chain. I see the same people all the time and the trainers really do seem to be friendly, apart from when they are standing over you whilst you die on the TRX machine. (seriously – who invented that thing!!)

Now I just have to get back into the habit of dragging my butt out of bed when it’s still dark, and remember that I need to eat healthily most of the time. Not all of the time. I am going to the gym SO I can eat cake. I am in no rush to get wherever it is that I am going with this thing.

Tomorrow I have a personal torture session.

If I can get out of bed after today.

Wish me luck!