Getting Personal…

I have decided that on the last Friday of every month I will do a weigh in of sorts. I figure if I have something to show off about I should, and (in theory) it should motivate me even more as you guys will be out there seeing the results, not just me.

I weigh myself most mornings both to see how I am doing, and to remind myself that weight fluctuates for no apparent reason and that we are all human. Seeing the scales go down 3 lbs one day and then back up 2 the next reminds me that it is not MY fault this has happened, and that it is my body doing whatever the hell it wants. ( As long as I haven’t had a huge junk food party the day before – then I know it’s me)

As long as it is slowly but surely going down that’s all that matters.

So this morning, before my 6.45 am spinning class (YAAWN) I hopped on the scales – 84.6 kg. ( Or 186.5 lbs/13.5 stone)

When I had my fitness check on the 17th of February I was at 86.6 kg ( or 191/13.9 stone)  So in 10 days I have lost pretty much 2 kg exactly. Because of my little adventure into the gym last summer I know that this won’t last, and that it’s not realistic to think I am going to keep loosing weight at this speed. It’s mainly my body freaking out and getting used to this new routine.

But it’s nice to see that it works. And that’s with me enjoying food and going out for drinks with my friends.

I already dislike the gym, I don’t want to make myself miserable by denying myself food and fun.

I am getting used to the early starts now. My stomach muscles are getting used to the classes, today it’s my arms that don’t agree with me. You want me to get something down from the shelf?

Good luck!

I find that by planning my gym a week ahead, highlighted and  with little tick boxes to check off, I go. This is also partly because I don’t like my Filofax having crosses in it, just big ticks when I have done what I said I would do 🙂 I know – SAD!

Spinning on Mondays and Fridays, with whatever early morning classes are on during the week plus 30 mins cardio. Weekends are for resting, or if I am feeling extra adventurous – an hour long spinning class on a Saturday.

So there – even more personal information of mine is out there on the internet for the world to see. I better work on it and make a difference.

See ya next time!


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