Lunchtime Excursions – Cinderella The Exhibition.

Now the weather is warming up, and I feel like going outside on my lunch breaks, I am going to start a series of posts about what I get up to.

I am lucky enough to work in central London, with all sorts of fun stuff on my doorstep. I need to make the most of this by actually going outside and seeing said stuff!

This lunch time I walked around the corner to Leicester Square, to see Disneys Cinderella:The Exhibition, which opened today, running through till April 10th. Sponsored by Swarovski, the exhibition contains designs, props and costumes from the 2015 film, as well as original designs and merchandise from the 1950 animation.

It’s free, you just have to book a time slot to go around in. This is to make sure it doesn’t get over crowded and gives the guides time to tell you all the interesting facts about the costumes and the film itself. You are also free to wander around and take photos – which you can see I did!

The original film poster.

The attention to detail on the simplest of costumes is amazing, down to the dirt on Ella’s dress.

I have to be honest I find faceless mannequins rather on the creepy side! 

You walk through the exhibition along the timeline of the film, including walking through the pumpkin carriage, which was my favourite part.

Interspersed throughout are a lot of design boards, and pictures from the film. I spent most of my time in the main ballroom, just looking up close at all the details Sandy Powell put into her designs. My favourite are Anastasia and Drisella’s “ugly” ball gowns. Whilst they are interesting colours, the detail into each individual flower is beautiful.

Obviously the main draw of the exhibition is Cinderella’s famous ball gown and glass slippers. And they do not disappoint.

It spins around to give you a full view of its enormous glory, and as the light hits it, the colours change. It must have been hellish to walk around in though.

There was a real mixture of people walking around, from young children first experiencing the story, to a group of elderly ladies who were reminiscing about their childhoods, and were in awe of the slippers.

Because of the time slots it was nice and easy to move around to see what you wanted to see, without feeling like you are pushing about or getting in the way of other peoples pictures. The design of the exhibition was well thought out, and the story flowed, and considering it was the first day open to the general public, the guides were well rehearsed and very approachable too.

I really recommend trying to fit this in over the next few weeks. It won’t take up much of your time if you pre book, and I managed to get to it, around and back to work in my lunch hour.

Although I am not going to lie I could have been in there a lot longer. I might even go back!

Much Love


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