An April Day trip to Sheringham.


This last week I have been up in North Norfolk chilling at my parents house. The week has flown by, and tomorrow I head back down to London, and to real life.

I spent my last full day with my Mum in the coastal town of Sheringham.

This is not a new activity. I grew up about 15 miles away and have been here more times than I can remember. But every time there is always something new to see, some new quirky little shop to look in, and the ocean is ever changing.

As per the norm, when I hang out with my Mum, food inevitably happens. I am taking advantage of my “holiday” frame of mind and am eating what ever I want – this time it was a huge coffee with a ham and cheese toastie at Poppy Fields on the High Street. (The gym is going to kill me when I go back on Wednesday )

Coffee with cream – why not!

Ham and Cheese toastie – you can keep the onion thank you very much!

Sheringham is full of cute little shops, lots of charity shops and amusement arcades- I love me a good old 2p machine!

Chick in an egg cup!

As it’s Easter weekend a lot of the windows are dressed up full on Easter style. In age old tradition we wondered around Blyth and Wright – a department store, that in true countryside style, literally sells EVERYTHING – from gardening equipment, to kitchenware and paint. I always end up buying something from there – this time it was a cute little stripy egg cup. I blame this on me having lusted at the Emma Bridgewater stuff that I can’t afford.

We hit up the myriad of charity shops, Mum got a pair of BNWT Red Herring jeans for £5, a top and a Simply Red CD for 10p – Stay cool mum!

My never ending search for jeans will live to search another charity shop on another day!

After getting our fill of knickknacks and odd fashions, we headed down to the front and to the beach!


Mum did the slimy steps in heels.

As it’s not peak season yet it’s a dog free for all on the beaches. And their owners were taking full advantage of this – there were soggy doggies everywhere!

Dog on beach

To the sea!


Life was clearly too much for this soggy puppy!


Mum is very evasive of the camera, but I managed to get one, even if she is sticking her tongue out at me!


The weather was so nice that they were Para-sailing. It must have been freezing up there mind you!


All the way along the promenade there are cafes and beach huts, as well as museums and galleries. One that we discovered was The Peter Coke Shell Gallery. If you are ever in Sheringham I totally recommend a look in, it’s full of beautiful shell creations, including a house and a castle make entirely out of shells. For me,it pretty much sums up Norfolk down to a T.


I spent so many 20ps on these things as a child, and didn’t really see that much!

As you walk along the prom, you see Colin Seals 1950’s inspired murals too!
murual 2

murual 3

Towards the end of the afternoon we headed back up the High Street to the station, where the last steam train to Holt was about to depart. The North Norfolk Railway is one of the major attractions on the North Norfolk coast – running steam and diesel trains between Sheringham and Holt. They do dining carts, murder mystery evenings as well maintaining this picturesque station.

train 1


I love the station. especially in the spring,when it’s full of flowers too. In September they have a 1940’s weekend, which I hope to get to this year too! This is the longest I have been home in ages, and it was so nice to relax in the quiet countryside.

Tomorrow is another train journey – back to London, to work, to 6am starts and the gym.

I think I’d rather stay for another week.


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