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The Pure Scent Candles.

For me, candles are normally a winter thing. In the summer I love to have the windows open and let the breeze through the house ( and the spiders too eeeek!) so burning a candle would seem a bit like a waste of money.

But there are some times when its a typical British summer, raining and miserable and just WET when you need to just relax, read a book and maybe burn a candle.

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Spring Blossom in the Garden
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Monday Look Back Week… whoknows!


Last week was a caffeine filled week. You can read all about my adventures at The London Coffee Festival in PART ONE and PART TWO here.

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Grumpy Mule Coffee London Coffee Festival 2016
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The London Coffee Festival 2016-Part One.


I was a barista and coffee master for four years, but I never got the chance to attend the London Coffee festival because of the hours I worked. So when Currys PC World offered tickets that coincided with my day off I jumped on the chance.

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Your Regular Monday Look Back.


If you read Saturdays mini blog – you’ll have seen that I have been out of action due to a horrid ankle injury.

Whilst that has stopped me doing most things, there were a few activities that I had booked that I was not missing for the world!

First and foremost was Adele!

Dad arrived in London on the day of the show and we went on the river boat to the O2. In spring and summer I love doing this instead of getting on the stuffy tube. It was a nice way to show my dad some of the sights in a limited amount of time.

It was a glorious day too!

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A Saturday Chat…

I’ve been a bit MIA over the last month. For anyone that knows me in real life they will know it’s because I have sprained my ankle and pulled peroneal tendons in my right leg.

I’ve not been up to that much at all, just resting and icing and resting some more. It’s still a tiny bit swollen and tinged a rather odd shade of blue-y green. It was quite spectacularly bruised.

I did it by falling over a pothole on the way to work. Full on arse over tit into the road too. I somehow made it halfway to work before being rescued by my boss, but by the end of the day I was off to A+E. I have spent the last three weeks on crutches and have had a physiotherapy session, with another one booked in next week.

The sprain is pretty much healed – but NEVER injure your peroneal tendons. It’s a full on constant deep ache in your calf and the mobility in your ankle is none existent.

Now I am getting back on track, back at the gym ( well, kinda) and am planning all sorts of shenanigans in April.

And I go back to Regents Park Open Air Theatre for the summer too.

You’ll get a three week Monday Look Back on Monday – covering the few things that I have done. It’ll include Adele, How the Other Half Loves and probably a lot of photos.

After that the blogging should be back in full force!

Enjoy the sunshine!!




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Monday Look Back Week 16.

Good afternoon from a VERY blustery and wet London.

Today’s blog contains photography exhibitions about India – and MUCH wanderlust!

And this week is going to be super busy, what with the BAFTA awards on Sunday. If I don’t post next Monday it’s because I froze/drowned/got blown away *delete as applicable*

Bad Jews opens tonight for a quick six-week run. It’s nice to have people back in the theatre, even if it is a very small cast. I am looking forward to catching it at some point in the next few weeks. (after I have maxed out my Cineworld card catching up on all the films I’ve missed)

Isn’t our auditorium pretty…

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