A Monday Look Back – Week 3.

Red Cups are here.

Starbucks, Red Cups, Coffee,

One tall soya toffee nut latte ( no whip) please and thank you!

Even though I left Starbucks a few years ago now, I still get really excited for new promo days, especially the Christmas one. I love seeing the designs and the marketing, as well as all the new merchandise that I don’t need to buy, but probably will! Whilst all the baristas I know will be sick of the Christmas music by the first week of December, I do love the little blast of Christmas you get for a few minutes a day on the lead up to the main event.

Speaking of seasons, Autumn is well and truly in full swing in London. The leaves are falling from all the trees, creating a soggy autumnal coloured mess on the floor, and piles of leaves that I want to run through. This shot is from a tiny alley behind my work that I can’t wait to see covered (hopefully one day) in snow!

On Tuesday, I sent out a batch of postcards and letters for the Postcrossing project I am part of.  A few I sent out early October sadly never made it to their destinations, so I re-sent two, one to America and one to China. Fingers crossed this time.

Also – aren’t the Star Wars stamps great!

Whilst walking to work on Wednesday I had a fright. You never want to see firemen outside a museum or gallery. Just thinking about what could happen, and what could be lost forever makes me upset. Luckily it was a false alarm. But it does make you stop and think.

On Thursday, I treated myself to a miniature collection of all my favourite perfumes. I fell in love with Jo Malone when I first moved to London, and have been wearing their colognes pretty much ever since. It also gave me an excuse to go and have a browse in their new Regent Street store. The proximity of that store to work is very dangerous. For my bank account that is.

Jo Malone, Perfume, Cologne, Christmas

This set also included Wood Sage and Sea Salt, my most recent favourite. 

On Thursday, I upheld my yearly tradition of watching V for Vendetta on Bonfire night. Even if that meant I did not get to sleep till late when I had set a 5:30 alarm.

V for Vendetta.

Saturday morning dawned nice and early, well too early in my opinion really but I wanted a day seat for Photograph 51, so had to suck it up and get up on my day off. I arrived at the queue about 6.15, and there were already 8 people in front of me.  I do enjoy queuing for day seats, you always meet interesting people, often with similar interests and once you all get chatting the time flies by. By the time 10.30 rolled around, there was a sizeable queue snaking around the building trying to stay out of the rain. There were 30 tickets available for each show as well as standing room, so I think that many were successful.

After acquiring a ticket, I walked across to Picadilly to the home of BAFTA for their BAFTA 2015: A Year in Pictures exhibition. I’ve been to a couple of small talks at the BAFTA HQ, but this was a nice chance just to get to explore and look at the photo’s that are on the walls. It was a free, but you had to book in advance. There were also talks from the photographers that were being exhibited, at a small charge.

There were portraits by Alison Jackson, Gavin Bond, Chris Floyd and Ian Derry amongst others. Seriously, click on their names and have a look at their work, there are some beautiful shots.

I didn’t take any pictures of the pictures, apart from the wide shot above. I never know about the rules in exhibitions such as this. I did buy a book containing a lot of the portraits, as well as many that were not on display to look at in the future.
 After this, I met up with the ladies for a Mojito or two before  we headed to see  Photograph 51 at the Noel Coward Theatre. They bought tickets in advance. I did not, hence the early start.

Nicole Kidman starred in a rather harrowing short play showing how female scientists were treated in the 1950’s, it wasn’t a cheerful play though it did have some light  moments, often supplied by the brilliant Ed Bennet. I was very impressed by Kidman, she really grabbed my focus, even if some of the science went totally over my head. Rosalind Franklin is someone everyone should learn about at school, I spent some time on Sunday reading about what she achieved in science.

So another coffee and theatre filled week once more. It seems to be becoming a habit. A very enjoyable one too!

I have double theatre this week, as well as a romantic date with the best friend. Should be a good week!

See ya soon!


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