A Monday Look Back – Week 4.

Autumn is lingering well into November.

I am SO ready for cold frosty mornings and yet it still remains fairly warm in London. It’s making it really difficult to decide what to wear, the tube is still stuffy and hot, but as it gets a little chilly at night, you still need a warm coat. So it’s onto the tube – coat off. You then get elbowed in the face by someone who decides to take their coat off when 100 people get on the train. Then there are the people that touch out of the barriers at the other side and stop immediately to put their coat on and you bash into them.

Hashtag commuterproblems!!

Autumn, Apples, Berries, Shade, Shadow, Blue Skies.

It does make for lovely photo opportunities mind you.

The week started with a lovely surprise. The first box from Bright Paper Packages! They are a company that are curating a monthly subscription box that includes gifts from independent brands and talented individual artisans. I can’t actually remember how I discovered them, I think it was through twitter, but I have been waiting for this package with baited breath and it didn’t disappoint!

I am going to do a full post about this tomorrow, more about that at the end of the post.

On Friday night, I took my best friend out for a belated birthday date. Becuase the date itself was rather last minute in the grand scheme of restaurant booking  I wasn’t able to get a table at any of the places I wanted to take her. So I just decided to chance it and take her there, and maybe get a table. We headed to the Heron Tower and up 30+ floors to Duck and Waffle.

Isn’t the view amazing!

We didn’t manage to get a table, the earliest they could fit us in was 11.30. No food is worth that kind of wait. So we had a glass of wine, admired the view, then headed into Covent Garden, ending up in theatre lands finest restaurant – Joe Allens.

Tucked down Exeter Street, it’s a really nondescript door that leads you down into a basement restaurant. There is exposed brickwork, theatre posters and a pianist tinkling away as you eat. It’s always a really nice atmosphere and never fails to make me miss New York something chronic. We shared a bottle of wine and both had a delicious steak, with chips with buttered kale, and talked each other’s ears off! It was much needed.

Emerging  from Joe Allens, we both checked the news and saw the horror that was happening in Paris. You see these atrocities happening on the news all the time all over the world, but having it that close to us really hit home. It was also the first ( and I hope the last) time that I used the Facebook Safety Check for two of my friends, both had checked in as safe. But so many more were not as lucky.

On Saturday Bex, Mo and I headed off to Notting Hill to see Nancy’s new flat, before heading to dinner and to see Kenny B and Judi D do the Acting in The Winters Tale.

The company was excellent, the food delicious and the Acting was acted. Judi Dench was amazing. She just has one of those voices made for reciting Shakespeare. I am getting so much better at ‘getting‘ Shakespeare but sometimes when I don’t know the play as well I can find it a tad difficult to follow. There is something about the way she talks that is so clear and easy to follow and you can’t take your eyes off her on stage.

o23 and o24’s restricted view. A bargain compared to the full priced seats.

We had stalls “restricted” view seats that were barely restricted. Honestly. Nothing. The pillar blocked a bit of an early scene, but these seats have no one behind them, so you can literally just shift your head and see, all the time not annoying the people behind you.

Seeing The Winters Tale really did help me come to the conclusion that I prefer watching Shakespeare  at the globe. Not because of the acting or anything, Kenneth Branagh’s production was good, but you just get drawn into the performance more at The Globe, especially as a groundling. The atmosphere is always buzzing no matter what kind of show it is be it comedy or tragedy, and I think that really helps you as an audience member to really engage with the performance.

The week ended with an afternoon trip to the National Theatre to see their production of Jane Eyre. I have seen one previous stage adaptation of Jane Eyre that I didn’t think translated well to the stage, so went into this with an open mind. When I saw that Phil King was involved I got a little excited. He did the music for Regents Park Open Air Theatre’s production of To Kill A Mockingbird, and it really made the production.  Benji Bower’s music did the same for this too, really added something to it, much like a film score. It was a really moving production and I really recommend you try and see it if you are a fan of the novel.

As I said earlier in the post, I am going to try and keep it a bit brief in some of the things I have done in the week so I can work on my blog and write full posts about some of the things I have been up to. I have written some reviews for shows I have seen, I just need to get the confidence to post them. It’s almost like who am I to say if you should go and see a show or not. I need to get over it really and just do it – it’s my blog lol!

So see you tomorrow!


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