Champagne, Broads, Norfolk, River

A Monday Look Back…

…A look back at the week that was.

These weekly round up posts that I am trying to do are going to be interesting.

Not interesting because I lead a fun, adventure filled life and am out 7 days a week. Quite the opposite.

More like work.

Work, Work, Work, Work.

At the moment, I am quite lucky that it’s been proms, holidays, birthdays and then belated best friends birthday surprises ( see this week).

And now it’s nearly the festive period too.

Who knows what I am going to write about in January.

 The week started with the cast of Mr Footes Other Leg moving in and getting into rehearsals.  It’s nice to have the theatre full of people again. It also makes me laugh when I bump into the actors in full costume, especially for this show as the costumes and the wigs are amazing!

In Georgian London no one is more famous than Samuel Foote. Satirist, impressionist and dangerous comedian, he has become a celebrity in a city and at a moment in time when the concept of selling personality was born. He even has the ear of the king.

Adored by many, despised by some, Foote finds himself at the sharp end of attacks from the press…and a surgeon’s knife. And in an age obsessed with fame, his colleagues from the worlds of science and the stage – from Benjamin Franklin to David Garrick – begin to wonder: does fame make you mad?

When the show is on you can hear the audience laughing over the tannoy system, and it sold out at The Hampstead Theatre on its first run, so if you are interested I would recommend getting in soon! I shall hopefully be popping downstairs to see it in the next week or so.

Tuesday marked my return back to the gym.

We had a boot camp session in the gymnastics centre. We got to “play” on the air track  (which is the most amazing invention ever) and I remembered that I cannot vault to save my life, I can barely get ON to it.

But I can cartwheel!

On Wednesday, I ached.

A lot!

Wednesday was also the day that priority tickets went on sale for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Well, they attempted to. The whole thing was a shambles, with the websites crashing, pushing you out of the queue multiple times and when you finally got tickets in your basket, it timed out because it was running too slowly.

It took Mo and I over 6 hours of faffing before we were able to get tickets, Mo was the successful one.

Since going on sale to the general public on Friday, it’s already booking to May 2017!

May 2017 for a play that’s not even finished yet! Never underestimate the power of Harry Potter!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Harry Potter, Theatre, West End,

Many attempts to get Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. I went to my first spinning class in over a month. I am now rubbish at it and will have to work really hard to get back to where I was again.

But the weekend was amazing!!

We took the ladies to Norfolk, for a surprise birthday/belated birthday trip.

They had no idea where they were going or what they were going to do, we just told them to be at ours on Friday night and to bring warm clothes. I think they were scared we were going to be taking them *cough* MAKING THEM *cough* go camping.

We are not that mean. Camping is obviously a summer thing 😛

Bex drove us up to Norfolk that night and we whizzed up through no traffic to sleep in Bex’s haunted childhood home. Quite appropriate for Halloween don’t you think!

In the morning, we jumped on the train and took them to Hoveton and Wroxham on the Norfolk Broads. When we got off the train I think they had an idea it was boat related, what with the sailors hats we had. They didn’t realise that we had rented an entire little boat to ourselves,  to sail about at our leisure!

After a speedy lesson from the guys at Fineway Leasure ( no joke – forwards, backwards and this is the steering wheel- GO!) we went off down the river!

Bex was our captain for the day.

Champagne, Taittinger,

Champagne for breakfast.

We took a left at the T-junction and headed down to Horning, passing beautiful houses, scenery and wildlife.

At the speedy pace of 5 mph.

We pulled in ( Parked? Moored?  Whatever the terminology is lol) at The Ferry Inn and filled up on a huge carvery. All the time keeping an eye on the boat to make sure that we had tied it up properly and it’s wasn’t halfway down the river without us!

Red Wine,

Rookie errors were made. We forgot the cork screw. Nancy improvised by pushing the cork INTO the bottle. It worked. Kinda.

Norfolk Broads,

There was barely any traffic out on the broad at all.

A lighthouse on the riverside.

A windmill on the bank at Horning.

  Bex and I spent the majority of our growing up years in North Norfolk, so as well as taking the ladies off on a little cruise, we showed them some of the places we grew up around.

Including the pub obviously.

How can you not on Halloween.

In the morning, we went for a big breakfast at The Kingfisher in Walcott. It serves huge breakfasts which you can then walk off along the beach on the other side of the road. It was a lovely warm morning, really odd for November that’s for sure.

Although we kind of regret saying that as this is what happened on the way home…
Fog and traffic.

Lots of fog and traffic. But apart from that the weekend was lovely. It was something that we have been wanting to do with the ladies for a long time, and the fact that we managed to surprise them made it even better! I think they enjoyed themselves ;-P

That’s all for last week! This week will mainly consist of work and gym, with a little bit of theatre at the weekend.

Good times!




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