A Monday Look Back…

I started last week with a cold. Which totally scuppered my going back to the gym, because when I get a cold it goes straight to my throat, and therefore, I can’t breath.

Which is kind of important when exercising.

Monday was all about Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens.

Everything. Twitter, Facebook, there was no escape. When I got to work I watched the trailer about a billion times,  and got really excited about the new score too!

I booked my ticket to see the film at midnight on the day of release. There are just some films that you cannot be spoiled for.  Midnight screenings stop this, and are great fun too! Everyone in the audience is a fan, no one stays up that late to watch a film if you are not a fan, so no one chats or checks their phones. And everyone reacts the same  too! In Age of Ultron when a certain someone picks up a hammer, the entire screen gasped, because everyone was so invested in it!

I also bought Star Wars stamps. Because I am a big ol’ geek!

Last week at work was all hustle and bustle whilst the new show was being put in. Lots of ticketing fun, building work being done and costumes being lugged up the (many many) stairs.


I am really looking forward to watching Mr Footes Other Leg. It opens this Wednesday and runs till January 2016.

The main event last week was the “Ominous – No Jeans- Social Gathering” for mine and Bex’s  birthday. Except this time we were all rebels and wore jeans! Shhhhhh!

We celebrated our birthdays about three times this month – feeling all the love.
The ladies met us in town and took us for a surprise afternoon tea at BB’s Bakery in Covent Garden. It was a place we had always walked past and stared in the window, but this time we went in.

And drunk what felt like all the tea in England!

Tea and cake, Afternoon tea,

Me, Bex and ALL the cake!

Afternoon Tea, Teapot.

Bex concentrating on not spilling a drop!

It came with cucumber fingers, mushroom quiche, a chicken bun, and other yummy savouries!

Nancy eyeing up the cake!

After afternoon tea, Mo and Nancy had another surprise for us! Cocktails in The American Bar at The Savoy.

There we sat and caught up on what we had all been up too, especially Nancy as we had not seen her in some time. The cocktail menu here is so extensive it took us a good ten/fifteen minutes to choose what to have.

We ended up with a Phone Box, a Double Decker, a Whisky Sour and a Rolling Stone. Some were more of a success than others, but all were drunk.

Nancy and Mo, Bex and I!

(We also ended up with a free Green Park that no one ordered but came to our table anyway, and not in a “the gentleman over there sends his regards” kinda way!)

The rest of the evening was spent just generally chatting and having a hilarious time. Scaring men in the toilets and leaving umbrellas in bars. Eating all the Chinese food and not winning in the casino. Apart from Mo. Who always wins.

But seriously, if you are reading this ladies, thank you once again for a lovely treat 🙂

Mojito’s in the Covent Garden Hotel.

The wallpaper in the Covent Garden Hotel toilets. A little creepy I am not going to lie!

After a lovely Saturday, Sunday was all about a bit of housework and chilling whilst burning one of the candles I got at Bath and Bodyworks in Florida last month.

In the evening In The Heights happened at the Kings Cross theatre! It has taken the top spot in my heart and is now my favourite musical.

But that is another blog post entirely!


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