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A Monday Look Back…

…A look back at the week that was.

These weekly round up posts that I am trying to do are going to be interesting.

Not interesting because I lead a fun, adventure filled life and am out 7 days a week. Quite the opposite.

More like work.

Work, Work, Work, Work.

At the moment, I am quite lucky that it’s been proms, holidays, birthdays and then belated best friends birthday surprises ( see this week).

And now it’s nearly the festive period too.

Who knows what I am going to write about in January.

 The week started with the cast of Mr Footes Other Leg moving in and getting into rehearsals.  It’s nice to have the theatre full of people again. It also makes me laugh when I bump into the actors in full costume, especially for this show as the costumes and the wigs are amazing!

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How to Queue Jump at Starbucks and Not Feel Guilty!

Doesn’t Commuting Suck!

London, Station, Tube Station,

It’s all gray skies, concrete and waiting outside really ugly buildings when there are delays.

I mean it smells, you’re stuck uncomfortably close to complete strangers, then at the end of the journey you are herded off and follow each other like sheep down endless corridors and up escalators until….

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Autumn Days Are Here Again….

It’s that most wonderful time of the year! No – not Christmas… AUTUMN!

Jumpers and scarves, crunchy leaves and that bonfire smell that seems to linger in the evening.

A bonus is also the London Underground not being a hot sweaty mess anymore.

Having just returned from the Florida Keys I am now delighting in packing away all my summer clothes and getting ready for the winter. I already have many well-loved jumpers that I run back to every autumn. I am not the kind of girl who cares that their clothes are getting a bit old and have been in many a photo.

That said, it is a good excuse to buy a few new ones!

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