BAFTAs Throughout The Years -2013

Ahhh 2013, the year in which the weather decided that we had had it too good last year and gave us two years worth of weather in the space of 2 hours. RAIN AND SNOW!

Queueing was a little less dramatic this year, we arrived super early Saturday morning ( it was more still Friday night lol) and set up for the long wait. The queue was sent away at one point but as we were the front of it we were allowed to keep a list until we were allowed back, and people HAD to come back. If they weren’t there by the time we a settled in for the night they got crossed off – no sneaking in and pretending you’ve been there all night.

This was the first and only time I did the list, it was WAY too much work, but it kept BAFTA and the theatre happy; and kept the queue organised so everyone was in the right place. In recent years its all gone to pot, because people take the piss. One year someone was apparently selling places on the list so safe to say lists aren’t allowed any more, which is a shame as it organised it so well… if the person doing it can be trusted. ( anyway- being an arts and event management graduate, the organisation of the fans really bugs me and I could rant about it for an age so moving on…)

This was also our first BAFTAs with The Troop, a group of Eddie Redmayne fans that Emma and I had met at the Les Miserables Premiere in December. They are such lovely people and we have always met up and BAFTA’d together, even though we favour different sides of the carpet. This is one of the things that I love most about the BAFTAs, I have made such good friends from it. We often meet up throughout the year for a drink or food, or some theatre. Or all three!

Anyway, you’re here for the red carpet aren’t you…

2013 was the year that EE became the sponsors of the BAFTA’s. They did lots of rebranding, and it’s a good job someone remembered to do the umbrellas, as the were definitely needed!

First up on the carpet was a dapper Billy Connolly.fullsizeoutput_598fullsizeoutput_5f19

He was followed by a very chatty Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington, who’s face  the weather perfectly.


We got our “You’ve waited HOW LONG” face pretty early on in the evening from Simon Pegg.fullsizeoutput_5f1f

And here is a super awkward close picture of Tom Hiddleston who tried his very best to hold the umbrella, open pens, hold notebooks and sign – all with two hands. He managed to achieve it too, most of the time!


Director Tom Hooper was once again nominated for Best Film and Outstanding British Film, this time for Les Miserables.


Natalie Dormer managed to make the sleet and snow stop for a few minuets so I could take this photo.


Rafe Spall found something very amusing, I think it was a sign about Hugh Jackman… fullsizeoutput_55f

This was as close as Hugh Jackman got. I didn’t have much luck with him at the Les Mis premiere either. I did, however get to see him on Broadway in 2015 so that more than makes up for it. He was nominated for Leading Actor.



Suraj Sharma was up for the (newly named) EE Rising Star award, but sadly lost out to Juno Temple.

With Eddie Redmayne came another fall of rain. Not a little one though.                               (sorry – bad Les Mis pun)


I had so many good photos of Henry Cavill it was hard to choose, he took his time signing down the carpet and was really chatty. I promise, even if he does look moody in this one.


He was followed by his arch enemy Ben Affleck. Seriously, if you’d have told me then that Batman Vs Superman was going to be a thing I would have laughed in your face.

Affleck was nominated and went on to win Best Director and Best Picture for Argo!fullsizeoutput_3a6

Helena Bonham Carter looks really worried in this photo and I have no idea why.



This year we got a bearded George Clooney – who was still telling us that it was cold!


Andrea Riseborough was nominated for the EE Rising Star Award.


A slightly out of focus Gemma Arterton.


Christoph Waltz won Best supporting actor  for Django Unchained

Helen Mirren – with amazing pink hair, was just going to walk down the carpet. But when we called her she stuck a pose for us, then read the sign that said how long we had been there for…


…she came straight over and signed for us, all the while telling us that we were going to catch a cold if we kept doing things like this. To be honest, she was right.




I love Marion Cotillard’s face in these photos, deciding if she should come over and sign. I also love the really judging look on the guy who is holding her umbrellas face. He looks SO mad. She did however stay and sign for quite some time, and even headed back down the carpet to sign for the people she had missed, passing Saoirse Ronan on the way.


On possibly the wettest red carpet I’ve done to date, Amy Adams actually came over to sign. She clearly wasn’t so worried about this dress. She was nominated for Supporting Actress, but lost out to Anne Hathaway for Les Mis.


Speaking of Anne Hathaway. I don’t mind when people don’t sign. Especially at big events like this there are so many other people that it really doesn’t matter. She was nominated for a big award and arrived rather late on the carpet, she clearly had things to do. But this annoyed the autograph dealers… who’s automatic response it to pretty  much hurl abuse at who ever it is that walks past. They are some of the rudest pushiest people I have ever met. They did this to Anne Hathaway just after this photo was taken and she literally stopped and said “well I am definitely not coming over now“.

These people ruin so many red carpets for real fans and I wish there was a way to get rid of them. In recent years security know who the troublemakers are keep and eye on them. A couple even got pulled out of the pens last year which is a start. But it’s common sense guys- if you are rude to these people, they are less and less likely to sign at premiers. A simple thank you after they have signed for you wouldn’t go amiss either.  Apparently I am ranting a bit in this post, but this was the first year when I really got really mad with them.


By now the sleet was turning to pretty impressive rain, but that didn’t stop Best Actor winner Daniel Day Lewis from signing… even if my camera had steamed up a tad by then.


Even Samuel L Jackson was impressed with our weather!


This last photo is out of sequence but I wanted to end with it, as Jeremy Renner really makes me laugh when he is on a red carpet… he was bouncing around and psyching himself up, before signing all the way along. I am just sad my photo’s of him near us are bad.


This was definitely the wettest BAFTAs yet. The mixture of rain and snow made it feel a hundred times worse. I got a proper stinking cold after this one, and for a month or so was done with it all. Then I did the Star Trek Into Darkness premiere and remembered how much I loved it all and was back on for BAFTA 2014!

Stay tuned for 2014, in which we start properly camping out for two nights, make friends with all the drunk people from the nightclub next door (including “Michael Balls Son”) and see Royalty.

Much Love,

Amanda xx

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