How to Queue Jump at Starbucks and Not Feel Guilty!

Doesn’t Commuting Suck!

London, Station, Tube Station,

It’s all gray skies, concrete and waiting outside really ugly buildings when there are delays.

I mean it smells, you’re stuck uncomfortably close to complete strangers, then at the end of the journey you are herded off and follow each other like sheep down endless corridors and up escalators until….


TFL, London Underground, London.

Sticky plastic floors and seats that millions of bums have sat on (and spilt things on) before you.

No joy there then!
If you are anything like me you will pop into your regular coffee shop, queue some more then successfully walk away with your delicious beverage. Now my Starbucks store is fast, they know me and they know what I want. But you still can’t jump the queue.

Except now you can!

If you have the Starbucks App on your phone and it’s all topped up and ready to go  you can order your drink before you are at the store, then go right to the hand-off point to collect when you arrive – no queuing necessary.

None at all!

Genius right?!?

So the how to bit. You open your app and in the top right-hand corner it says order.

And so you do.

It has a really comprehensive list (well designed with lots of pretty pictures) of all the goodies Starbucks has to offer.

And you can customise it to your hearts content. Yes, I put six pumps of chai in my latte. And a shot of espresso.

Judge away.

It then finds your nearest store.  It’ll pinpoint your location but gives you the choice to move around all the stores until your find your regular one.

If you travel overground this app brilliant,  on the underground, however, it’s a race against time, waiting for your phone to connect to the wi-fi in stations and then praying the train does not pull out too quickly.

It’s the only time I’ve ever wanted the train to linger at platforms during rush hour.

I am quite lucky that my commute consists of a change at Kennington, which is about 5 minutes away from the Starbucks that I go to – ample time to get my order in, even if the app has a little freak out that I am not ordering from the nearest store.
It was nice because even though I ordered with the app, the partners at the store were still able to recognise me by my drink, knowing it would be me that was coming to collect – hats off 442 Strand! You know your customers very well!
Starbucks, Coffee, Chai,

My drink was waiting for me, still hot and no difference in the taste.

If you go to Starbucks regularly and pay by app when you are there, you might as well give it a go, it’ll at least save you queuing.

Just make sure every now and again you go back to the till, otherwise the partner on there might miss you!


P.S – totally not sponsored. I just like it when a good thing works and saves me time in the morning!


One thought on “How to Queue Jump at Starbucks and Not Feel Guilty!

  1. victoriawren says:

    There is a small independent coffee shop just up the street from the Convention Center in San Diego that does this, too. Apparently very few Con goers knew about it. But we charmed it out of them on the first morning. It was the one queue we never had to wait thru!

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