Nespresso Time!

nespresso banner

I got my first Nespresso machine when I was in halls at university. I bought a bright red Citz+Milk  that lived in my tiny room the whole year. I had a constant supply of coffee during those all nighters in which I would try and finish a 5000 word essay the day before it was due. Even thought I spent near to £200, my reasoning was that I would spend less on takeaway coffee, and that when I moved back to Norfolk over the summer months I would be able to have good coffee whilst in the middle of nowhere.

No. Seriously.

The nearest place to get coffee where my parents live is at least 7 miles away.


That little machine was pretty much the love of my life. It was the last thing packed and the first thing unpacked when moving house. It saw me through three years of uni – including one 12,000 word dissertation, and almost four years of 3am starts when working for Starbucks.

But sadly in January of this year it moved on to the big coffee shop in the sky. Nespresso’s customer care was fantastic. (freephone 24 hours a day for all your, well, coffee emergencies.) We ran all the troubleshooting scenarios you could imagine, before confirming time of death. The cause, a leak which killed the computer chip inside. As it was out of warranty it would cost me more than the cost of a new machine to get it fixed.

IMG_0651 In the end I optioned for a new machine. It’s been a few months since the death and my bank account was feeling the effects of frequenting many a coffee shop.

So last Friday I finally bit the bullet and trotted on down to the Nespresso Boutique on Regents Street. I often go there for a coffee as it’s just around the corner from my work. The free coffee is one of the perks of being a member, and the staff are always super friendly and helpful.

30 minutes and a nice little 20% discount later, I was the proud owner of a little blue Inissia. Much smaller than my last machine, which is perfect for the tiny kitchen that we currently have.


Seriously – Look how cute it is.


The simplicity of the machine was what first attracted me to the brand.( and George Clooney – not going to lie)  I got it way before I starting working at Starbucks, so had no idea about the complexities of coffee. But even after I became a Coffee Master for the company, the quality of the coffee still continued to impress me, and thats still the case today. The range of different intensities of coffee means there is something for everyone, and as well as the core range, there are always new varieties from different regions to try. Whilst you can’t buy the capsules in supermarkets, they have a brilliant delivery service, and seem to be opening boutiques all over the place, so you can always go in and try a coffee before you commit.


Now it is all situated in it’s little corner of the kitchen, and I have the ability to make coffee before I go to the gym, instead of spending £2 a pop after.

And on my mythical days off – good coffee too!

I’ve missed it.


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