#SendMoreMail – Postcrossing. 

Last month I was trying to think of a project for my 28th birthday. Every day since my 27th birthday I have posted on my Instagram  with the hashtag #364at27. Now my 27th year is drawing to a close *sob* I thought I would hunt around for some new ideas for next year. I had been getting to know a new work  colleague at Regents Park, which included following her on ALL the social media. I noticed on her Instagram she sent and received a lot of post, which led me to discover the hashtag #SendMoreMail. Through this I found the website Postcrossing.

“The goal of this project is to allow people to receive postcards from all over the world, for free. Well, almost free! The main idea is that: if you send a postcard, you will receive one back from a random Postcrosser from somewhere in the world.”

After being a tad dubious about putting my address on the internet ( not for everyone to see lol – Just the PC member who randomly drew me out of an internet hat) I went to the most touristy place I could find near work and got my first set of cards to send out.

To receive any you must send, that’s the main aim of the game, so I sent out five postcards, and so far four have reached their destination. My first five went to Russia, China, Taiwan, Germany and the USA. So far all apart from Russia have arrived. Bizarrely it’s the one to Russia that is still on its way.

Postcard. Postcrossing.

Three of the first batch of cards I sent out.

Postcard. Letter. Stamp. Alice in Wonderland.

Some people request that you send them cards in an envelope, which gave me the best excuse to get these cute Alice in Wonderland stamps.

With mine arriving in far-flung destinations, I have started to receive them too, this one is from a girl called Melissa from Chicago, I have also received one from Germany, which I will add a photo of later.

Postcard. Florida.

This card made me extra excited as next month I am going to Florida!

I am really enjoying writing to people again. When I was younger I had pen pals in Germany and France, but now all you ever receive through the letterbox are bills and pizza leaflets. I joined Postcrossing because it’s nice to get home from work and have something to read and a lovely picture to look at from someone who wants nothing from you other than to make you smile with what they wrote. Each card has a unique code on so that you can’t fake send cards either.

When you send a postcard you get to see the profile of the person you are writing to, which can give you an idea of what kind of card to send them, and what to say. But it’s just so nice to be actually writing again. Sure my handwriting is bad, and lets not get started on my spelling, but it’s kinda fun introducing yourself and answering any questions the person you are writing to wants to know.

Postcard. London. Big Ben. London Eye. Westminster Abbey.

The four that got sent out today.

postcard. Write more letters.

Finding things to write about is part of the fun!

To send a postcard anywhere in the world is just £1, that combined with a 0.25-1.00 cost of a post card it’s not an expensive hobby, but it is kind of fun. And you could get a postcard from anywhere in the world in return.

If you want to start writing letters and talking to new people, I really recommend joining the website. It’s been running for over 10 years, with  565,733 registered users in 215 different countries, so who knows who could write to you.


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