Future Travel – Paris In August .


My dad, kid brother and I are off to Paris, this coming August for five days. We were looking at beach holidays but August was the only time we could go due to dads work and the brothers school. Beach holidays in the school breaks are always super expensive. I don’t know how companies get away with upping the cost of holidays that if you booked during term time would be cheap. It makes travel often so unobtainable for families with children in school. And whilst there are so many places to see in the UK, sometimes you need to get away to a hot country with a beach. I know that when I eventually have children, I will try and go away as much as I can before they start school.

With Eurostar being so affordable when you book super in advance, I suggested Paris to them, which seemed to go down well. I have been to Paris a few times but neither of them have so I get to go back to basic tourist wise and go and experience the landmarks a second time!

So we will go up the Eiffel Tower, and around (some) of The Louvre. I’ve never been up to see the Sacre Coeur so thats a definite. One of my favourite places in Paris is Notre Dame Cathedral, so we shall definitely be paying a visit to Laverne, Victor and Hugo! No, Seriously, they are up there, the Hunchback animators based them on the actual gargoyles around the top.

I’ve been doing a bit of research as to what else we can do in the days we are there and a few things have really caught my attention.


catacombs. Paris. Bones.

Paris Catacombs.

The Catacombs Morbid, yes, but I always find things such as graveyards very interesting, and this will hopefully entertain a 14 year old.

Museum-of-Army-paris. Paris . War. Army,

The Army Museum.

The Army Museum – Another for my dad and brother that I know I too will find very interesting. Europe has such a fascinating history, and who can resist suits of armour!

River. Seine. Paris.

The river Seine.

A Boat Tour – Dads request was to go on a boat trip on the Seine. There are so many on offer so if anyone has actually done one of these tours and wants to recommend one, please do so down below in the comments!

Tour Montparnasse. Tower. Paris.

Tour Montparnasse 56.

Tour Montparnasse 56 – Whilst you get an amazing view of Paris from up the Eiffel Tower, non of your pictures will have the tower in them, which is where this comes in. From what I can see on the website the views look amazing, Even if it is an, um… interesting looking building. It is like when you go to New York, and you go up the Rockefeller Centre so the Empire State Building is in the photos. ( I mean, you do both if you can lol).


Food – Again, all the recommendations down below please. It’s all about Crepes, Cheese, Macaroons and just a little wine.

And maybe I will pluck up the courage to eat a snail this time. Maybe.

There are a few of the things  we are hoping that we will see in our 5 days. It’s a start anyway, we still haven’t booked accommodation yet, thats the next thing to look at.

I love planning trips that I am actually going to take.

It makes a change.

Much Love,


2 thoughts on “Future Travel – Paris In August .

  1. Marie-Lan Taÿ Pamart says:

    About macaroons, Ladurée is a classic. They have several shops in Paris, notably a big one on the Champs-Elysées that’s always crowded, and a tiny one in the 6th arrondissement, on the Left Bank, with a lovely “Marie-Antoinette” atmosphere to it. There’s also a Ladurée corner in the Printemps department store. I’m also a big fan of Sadaharu Aoki, who offers both classical and Japanese flavours (green tea, red beans and so on). They also have awesome pastries, including a salted caramel tart that’s to die for. Pierre Hermé is the hype choice. They offer only original flavours, like their signature “Ispahan” creation (raspberry, rose and lychee). Again both have several shops in Paris.

    More generally speaking the Galeries Lafayette department store have a great food hall, with several of France’s best choices for macaroons, chocolate, wine and so on. Also, the food hall will be open in August, a period when many shops (including food shops) are closed in Paris.

    • amzh87 says:

      You sold me on Salted Caramel. We have a Laduree in Covent Garden, it’ll be interesting to see if they taste any different. I am going to find all these places and mark them on a map because I want to try as many as possible. We shall have to grab a drink when I am over for sure! xx

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