Old Books and Other things…..

This summer has been pretty boring, so there has been nothing much to blog about really. Or even text anyone because the text will pretty go like this….

“heya, not bad. Not been upto much, just work really – fun You? X”

So really, whats the point.

This Sunday was good though as Victoria came down to Norfolk-land for the day and we went to Cromer, went on the fair, and then spent the evening watching The End of Time, crying, and then watching the Christmas Invasion too…

Whilst in Cromer we went to a bookshop where Vic spied this old book from the 1930’s (third edition) that I just HAD to buy.

It basically is a book telling the reader what sayings, and ‘vulgarisms’ mean, such as…

But because it was written originally in the 1920’s, and references back to the 1500’s, it has awesome sayings such as…

So in Walsham, the main activity for teenage boys is Pannier filling… Ew.

So if you find yourself needing new insults, text me. Or if I say something to you and you have NO idea what it means, please concider the fact that I may have just called you something vulgar.
For example…

Much Love.

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