Hannah Williams and The Affirmations – NNF 2019

I visited the Adnams Spiegeltent three times this festival – all for very different shows- and each time the tent was in a very different layout.

The final show I saw there was Hannah Williams and the Affirmations. Williams and her 9 piece ensemble took to the stage at 10pm and rocked the Spiegeltent for well over an hour!

Hannah Williams and the Affirmations are “the current darlings of the worldwide Soul scene. Having been sampled by Jay Z onthe Grammy-nominated song “4:44”, they were catapulted around the globe.” Williams herself mentioned that this gig was the first one they had played in the UK for quite some time!

She has such an incredible voice and stage presence! (she kind of reminds me of Amanda Palmer- if Palmer ever wrote and sung soul music!)The Spiegeltent was full, with a curious mixture of different ages of audience member, clearly interested in what this band had to offer!

She held her audience spellbound in the slower tracks and had them dancing during the upbeat numbers. The lyrics were often like stories with her emotions there on her face for all the audience to see. Between songs she was loud and chatty with the audience, creating an all around great atmosphere. The hour flew by, I would definitely enjoy seeing a longer concert.

We were treated to all new music, a real eclectic mix. One particular track from the upcoming album I am very exited to listen to again. This particular track is very harmony based with her very talented backing singers. Frustratingly I cannot remember what it is called, but it is SO distinctive I will know it as soon as I hear it.

The Affirmations side of Hannah Williams and the Affirmations are an incredibly talented band! Guitars, Bass, Piano, Drums, Saxophone and Trombone too. As well as the occasional tambourine and the good old fashioned Cow Bell! They were given their time to shine, with many instrumental sections as well as taking over the stage for a good 5 minutes during a vocal break. Whilst the sound mixing of this gig was at times a little off, the band and backing singers shone through it all and had the audience and Williams herself dancing.

You can listen to some of their tracks over on Bandcamp and find their touring schedule here. They have a new album out later in the year that I am very interested in listening too, so will continue to follow them in the future!

This is one of the many things I love about the Norfolk and Norwich Festival- it always gives me new and exciting acts to follow!

Ticket gifted for reviewing purposes, but production choice, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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