Beverley Knight -Norfolk and Norwich Festival

I’ve seen Beverly Knight on stage a few times now- mainly in the Bodyguard in London. Which I saw a *few* times.

I ❤️ London day seat queues.

So when I saw she was coming to Norwich I jumped at the chance to see her. This is her 25th year in the business ( yes – 25 years! ) and this concert really gave us a good look at all the brilliant songs she has released over the years.

The opening act was an American RnB and soul performer called Jalen N’Gonda. When Beverley Knight was asked to who she wanted her support act to be this was who she chose and I can see why.

Just him and his guitar with a percussionist on stage he played 5 songs, and kept the audiences attention amazingly. I imagine can be difficult when being a supporting act to a performer with such a massive fan base – but all his song choices were perfect!

You should definitely head on over to his Spotify page, he has an amazing voice and has written some great songs! His easy camaraderie with the audience had just the right amount of sarcasm too! (BTW a thing that I have noticed and always makes me smile is Americans inability to pronounce Norwich.)

After the interval Beverley Knight hit the stage and had the audience up on their feet. Instantly.

My ticket had warned that “Patrons may dance during this show” and boy did they.

I did!

We were treated to songs from her amazing 25 year back catalogue – starting with “Get Up”. I have had “Come As You Are” pretty much stuck in my head since this concert. We had some tracks from her most recent album- SOULSVILLE, as well as some of the best of her previous work. To my delight we even got a song from the Bodyguard, which she has spent a lot of the last 5 years performing in, be it in the West End or on tour around the world.

Beverley Knight has such an interesting back catalogue, and it really showcases her massive vocal range. There ware no bad notes, and her power was through the roof. She didn’t seem to even break a sweat the entire time she was moving around the stage!

She seems such a warm person and that comes across with the banter she has with both the audience and her band! It makes the 1300 seat venue feel so intimate. I felt that as well as experiencing an amazing performance I also learnt a little about her too. Stories from her past relating to songs she has written and little facts like the fact her husband is from Norwich!

The show ended with a well deserved standing ovation, and with me definitely wanting to see her in concert again.

Beverley Knight is on tour all throughout 2019, including Kew Festival, headlining with Billy Ocean. Head on over to this website for more information! ( I hate to link to that website, but it gives you a good comprehensive list of her future performances. If you can, please book through the venue!)

I am back off to Spotify to create a new soul playlist!

Ticket gifted for reviewing purposes, but production choice, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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