Throwback Thorsday!

According to Facebook time hop, it is two years to the day since the Thor: The Dark World Premiere in London’s Leicester Square.

So what better post to write than a Throwback Thorsday.

This premiere was one that I was not expecting to be very successful at. On the day itself I was at work till 11am, only around the corner from Leicester Sq thankfully, but I still arrived so much later than I usually would have done. I was 111th in line ( the things that stick in my memory…)

The queue looped around Leicester Square and was very excitable. By then I was not expecting to get a barrier place, and as a short person that can be an issue, but I was pretty confident that I would be second row and just decided to go with the flow.

Security called us up to the barrier in groups of 50 so I did end up in the second row, but I was on a bend in the carpet so able to get more chances to take photos.

I was also opposite the stage!

Part of the premier was a cosplay competition, with the winner getting the chance to go in and see the film. There were A LOT of Loki’s. Besuited Loki’s, Horned Loki’s, Jotunn Loki’s, the list was endless. The best of the best were put into their own pen to be pulled up on stage at a later time and be judged by the man himself – Tom Hiddleston.An abundance of Lokis

Whilst the final touches were being made to the carpet we had the usual awkward pre-premiere entertainment.

Although this time it was a little more interesting than usual.

An abundance of Thors

The stars started to arrive around 6pm. The atmosphere was electric, the crowds were screaming and the cameras were flashing.

Tom Hiddleston bounced onto the carpet in his usual energetic fashion and dived straight into signing and talking to his fans.

Tom Hiddleston Arrives

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